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The Future of Hosting

In the last couple of years there have already been published a huge amount of articles, concerning the importance of online marketing. However, we would just like to sum up briefly the benefits of it in order to present to you the role of web hosting in the business sphere. Firstly, the online marketing will help you establish a two-way communication with your customers. This is important to the business owners, because it becomes easier to gain your clients’ trust and to satisfy their needs as soon as possible.

Another advantage of this type of marketing is the fact, that you will make it possible for your customers to reach you at any time of the day. They will not have to personally go to your store and conform to the opening/closing time in order to keep in touch with you or even complete a purchase. As you can surely assume, this is a great convenience for the younger part of the society, because with the dynamic way of life in the 21st century there is almost no way to spare enough time for shopping or searching for a particular object in a variety of stores. And thirdly, in a world where we’re surfing through the internet every single day, there isn’t a faster and easier way to gain new clients and make more deals. Sometimes, it takes just a click to purchase a product and through the live chat you have the chance to start a conversation with people from all over the world. So what is the appropriate strategy for achieving all this? Well, the main tool of the online marketing is the professional website. And it is not just about the design. The right web hosting plan is also an important part on the way to success. So what is there to know about web hosting?

The web hosting is a service, provided by a web hosting company. The main point of this service is uploading your website on the internet, so that it is visible for the whole world, and keeping it always accessible. The last part is a matter of great importance to the business owners, because a technical error could mean a huge loss of clients and sales depending on the time that is needed in order for the issue to be fixed. And that’s where the web host steps in. Basically, if you want a successful website, you will need to spare some time and search for a reliable and professional hosting provider. Make sure to take in account the customers’ reviews and rankings and don’t forget to look for opinions in web hosting forums. This is a step, which needs to be considered carefully. However, there is more to it. The web hosting companies normally offer 4 different type of web hosting packages to their clients, based on the technology of the server, which is used. The servers are actually the powerful computers, on which the providers store the content of the websites and which then maintain it. The well-known hosting options are a shared hosting, a virtual private server, a dedicated server and a cloud hosting. The cloud hosting is the most advanced and reliable option of them and because of the huge interest towards it, we can think of it as the hosting of the future. If you’re wondering why, continue reading, because in this article we will be going through the different features and benefits of this hosting solution.

The major plus of purchasing a cloud hosting plan is that your website will be maintained not on only one but on a whole system of servers (the so called cloud). This means that your website will never experience downtime, because even if one of the servers crashes down, the flow of resources would continue through the others. This is a matter of great importance to a business owner, because the inaccessibility of his website would mean a loss of clients and sales. And that could not be guaranteed by any of the other hosting options. Most of the web hosts offer 99.9% uptime, but there is always a chance that a server crashes, which results negatively for the websites hosted on it. As with the virtual private server and the dedicated server, the cloud hosting will give you the opportunity to increase the amount of your resources. Moreover, you will be able to decrease them as well. This means that with a cloud hosting plan, you will be paying for exactly what you’re using. And even better if your business tends to make more sales during a particular time of the year. By choosing a cloud hosting package you will just adjust the amount of resources you’re provided with, so that during the season with the most sales, you will be able to serve more customers on your website and then decrease the amount to its normal state. For example, this would be working great for you if your company produces Valentine’s day cards or something similar. You will not have to worry about your page’s security either. If you’re owning an e-commerce website, you will have to guarantee the safety of your customers’ private information, especially when talking about the transactions with credit cards. A cloud hosting plan would provide you with the security you need. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest online stores such as Amazon are using a cloud based system. The cloud hosting works also great against DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. Such attacks aim the crash of a server by overwhelming it with requests. In a case of a cloud system, the requests are spread between the servers and there is no danger for the accessibility of your page. And you will probably be happy to know that the web hosting companies order a fully managed service. This means that the technical matters such as server configuration, maintenance and updates will be in the hands of the skilled administration team. And the cloud server comes along with a perfect manageability. In the common case you will be able to control your website with ease by using an already installed for you control panel such as a cPanel or Plesk. One of the misconceptions about cloud hosting is that such packages are unaffordable. Actually, the costs are similar to those of a dedicated hosting plan, but you will get a much better service. This type of hosting is even a trend among the owners of small and middle businesses just because of its great advantages. And let’s face it – there should be no compromises when it comes to the online image of your business.

      Another innovation, which comes hand in hand with the cloud hosting nowadays is the SSD (Solid State Drive). This is actually a new type of storage device, which is completely electronic, whereas the old technologies (hard disk drives – HDD) are mechanical. This means that in order for the HDDs to work, they spin around their platters. It’s not hard to conclude, that the old technology is much slower than the SSDs. In order for the speed to be compared, there was invented a special measurement – IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second). While the traditional devices reach up to approximately 20 IOPS, with the SSDs there was a speed of 75.000 IOPS measured. As you see, the difference is obvious. And what does that bring you? Firstly, loading speed is an important factor for the ranking in Google. Which automatically means that by choosing an SSD cloud hosting your SEO will improve. And secondly, speed is important to business owners, because the faster the website, the bigger the amount of sales made. However, we should point out that this doesn’t mean that the hard disk drives have not improved a lot since their advent. To the contrary – the devices have become smaller and their capacities – bigger, but the fact that the new technology doesn’t have any moving parts makes it beneficial in much more ways. For example, as any mechanical device, the HDDs are bound to wear out at some point. And with the SSDs there is no such case. This doesn’t mean that the new devices are immunized against damage, but it would surely not occur because of the moving. This means, that you’ll probably save money on repairing services. The therefore specially invented measurement Mean Time Between Failure shows that the new technology has a much higher durability than the HDDs. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about losing data due to transporting damage, which might be the case with some of the old devices. And not to mention, that the SSDs are environmentally-friendly – they use less power and generate less heat. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but if you imagine that there are whole data centers, using this technology, you will be able to spot the difference.

     If we’ve already convinced you that the future of hosting lies in the cloud hosting packages, we can offer you some great hosting options. Our plans include an easy to manage cPanel and free Firewall installation. You will enjoy a great performance and speed due to our LiteSpeed Web Serves, which work perfectly also on smartphones and tablets. In addition to that, we’re using a highly professional and reliable SSD technology, which will guarantee you an excellent hosting experience. We’ll be in charge of the security hardening and updates as well, so that you could focus completely on your business. If you have had some annoying experience with spam, you will now have the opportunity to forget about it. With our SpamExperts software we will guarantee you a free of spam hosting service. And, of course, you will be able to communicate with our technical team 24/7 via live chat and get an advice and help on any technical question that might concern you. You can find all of our cloud hosting plans and their features on the website of scalahosting.  

With the growing importance of the internet as a global media in our everyday life the web hosting has become a key to the successful and professional image in the online space. So, at one point or another, the business owners are bound to face the decision about a web hosting plan for their websites. Of all 4 of the common hosting packages the cloud hosting is gaining more and more popularity the last few years. If you would like to have an amazing speed and performance, this would be your best shot at it. Not to mention that your page would be on a better position in the search engines because these features are factors for the ranking. This actually means that it will be easier for new customers to find your website. The system of servers would guarantee the constant access to your website and you will not be worrying about downtime cause by a server failure. Hence, your clients will be able to use your website all of the time. You will also be provided with security and privacy, which are essential for every business website, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website. With the managed service and the technical support team always on call, you will be able to focus entirely on your business strategies and not worry about your presence on the internet – all of the technical issues will be in the hands of your hosting provider. If you choose a cloud hosting plan including Solid State Drives, you will be using the latest innovation in the area of storage devices. Not only does that increase speed, but it would give you a quick start in the business competition, because the transition from the old devices is usually expensive and the most business owners stick to the traditional Hard Disk Drives. And as we already mentioned, there are also a big number of other benefits to it. So what is it left there to consider? By purchasing a cloud hosting plan you will be investing in the future of hosting.

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