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Free, Effortless & Guaranteed Migration
Free & Effortless WordPress Migration
Our experts will migrate all your WP websites at a date and time that suits you best, free of charge. Your website will remain live during the transfer.
24/7 Worry-Free Fully Managed Support
Friendly 24/7 Technical Support
Get access to our knowledgeable tech support via live chat (instant) or by ticket (15 min. response time). Our customer support team can help with any server or hosting-related issues.
Free Domain & SSL Certificates
Free Domain Name & SSL Certificates
Get started immediately with a WordPress-Optimized web hosting account that comes with a free Domain Name. You can also have free security certificates from our partners from Let’s Encrypt.
Easy Website Management
Easy Website Management
SPanel is an all-in-one platform for easy VPS hosting management and maintenance. It’s included in every Entry Cloud virtual private server and packed with hundreds of features that are otherwise paid in cPanel. (cPanel still available)
Install, Manage and Secure WordPress with 1 click

Install, Manage and Secure WordPress with One Click

It takes no more than a click to launch a new WordPress website.
Enjoy 400+ scripts, integrations, and features you can add to optimize your site, accessible with a single click. You can even ask our customer support team to perform the WordPress installation for you.

Management perks include automatic WordPress updates, cloning, staging, and automated backups on demand.

Make Your WordPress Site Faster with OpenLiteSpeed

Speed is a significant factor for growing your website. It affects your number of visitors, purchase orders, user experience, and plays a key role in your search engine optimization strategy.

The Managed WordPress hosting plans allow you to run your website on OpenLiteSpeed + the LiteSpeed cache plugin, guaranteed to make your WordPress site lightning-fast.

Make Your Website Faster with OpenLiteSpeed
WordPress LOCK

Get the Ultimate Security with the WordPress LOCK feature

Make your WordPress website ultra-secure and unhackable.
Add multi-layer security by enabling the LOCK feature available on the managed WordPress Cloud platform.

With the LOCK enabled, no one will ever be able to inject malicious code into your website.

Expert WordPress Help Available 24/7

The founder of WP Fix It, Jarrett Gucci, trusts ScalaHosting and hosts his and his customers’ WordPress websites on the WordPress Cloud.

The WP Fix It team fixes issues with the content management system in 30 minutes or less! They may also help you with speed & performance optimizations to make your WordPress site faster than ever.

WordPress LOCK

24/7 Fast WordPress Support
Let us introduce

ScalaHosting experts are always available via live chat and tickets to set up, maintain, and optimize everything related to your web hosting service. If you need someone to help you with specific WordPress issues outside the scope of our support, WP Fix It is a trusted partner that can fix your website faster than anybody.


Site Down Repair

Fix White Screen of Death, fatal errors, parse errors, or anything else that might cause your entire site or specific page to not load.


Speed Optimization

Want to take your site from slow to FAST? This service will repair all possible speed issues to make your site blazing fast.

infection removal

Infection Removal

This advanced service will make sure your WordPress site is fully cleaned, secured, and running smoothly.

plugin troubleshooting

Plugin Troubleshooting

If you have a plugin issue that is causing your site to not function the way it should, this service will track it down and fix it.

theme troubleshooting

Theme Troubleshooting

Theme issues can cause your entire website to break down. Using this service, you can track down problems with your WordPress theme and get possible fixes it.


WooCommerce Troubleshooting

Running an online store can be a lot of work. If you choose to go with WooCommerce, we can verify all is working properly and provide a detailed report.

php compatibility

PHP Compatibility

The Scala Team will perform an extensive site review to ensure your site is running on the newest stable version of PHP.


Database Cleanup

Over time, your database can get bloated with data that is not needed for your site to function. This can slow things down and clog up your server storage. We can help with your database cleanup so everything keeps running smoothly.


Monthly Site Care

We make sure your WordPress website stays healthy in all areas and always remains online for your visitors.


WordPress Custom Project and Development

Make all of your WordPress dreams come true. Submit your WordPress project, and we will connect you to some of the top WordPress developers, happy to take on the work for the price you have in mind. No obligation quote.

Cloud vs. Shared Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is undoubtedly the fastest and most secure environment for your website.

You can benefit from more consistency in your site speed, higher security, and peace of mind that the entire server dedicated to your website alone. Cloud solutions give you full freedom for customization so you can tailor your WordPress site to your exact liking.

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4.9 from 328 reviews
4.7 from 282 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WordPress hosting?

    WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting service that is optimized for WordPress websites. It is powered by features that simplify working with the CMS, such as a one-click installation, automatic core/plugin updates, and more. WordPress is the most popular platform for website creation nowadays, and it is supported by almost all web hosting providers. The most important questions you need to ask yourself are "What kind of website are you going to build and grow with WordPress?" and "What is the right WordPress hosting solution?"

  • How can I learn more about WordPress?

    WordPress is by far the most popular content management system, which means you can find plenty of extra help and resources online. Apart from your hosting provider, you can gain more knowledge about this website builder via various tutorials, articles, video guides, and online courses.

    In addition, the evergrowing WordPress community is full of friendly and helpful users who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

  • Should I choose Shared WordPress hosting or WordPress Cloud?

    Are you interested in allowing your website to grow to its fullest potential? Are you worried about website speed, SEO, and user experience? In this case, the WordPress Cloud is the right hosting solution for your website. This is the only type of web hosting service that can deliver guaranteed & consistent performance, high security, and uptime. On a shared server, your website will reside with hundreds of other projects, which brings tons of disadvantages and growth barriers in the long run. Learn more in the video below.

  • Which is the best WordPress hosting plan for me?

    Choosing the right WordPress solution often directly relates to the number of visitors you get per month. If you have less than 400 000 visits - the WordPress Cloud VPS with 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM would be sufficient enough. If you are getting more than that, you typically need to add an additional CPU core for every 200 000. The process of finding a suitable shared WordPress plan is similar - just check your website(s) and figure out their average visits per month.

  • Do you offer Managed WordPress Hosting on Amazon AWS?

    ScalaHosting allows you to host your WordPress site on the AWS Cloud platform. The hosting service is managed by us so you can focus on building and growing your website. The AWS partnership opens multiple additional data center locations all over the world, such as Singapore, Mumbai, London, Frankfurt, Montreal, Virginia, Ohio, Sydney, and more.

  • What are the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

    Managed WordPress services are a perfect solution for busy website owners that don't have time to deal with technicalities. Many hosting companies offer professional assistance from trained experts that covers all technical aspects of your experience with the CMS. They can install WordPress for you, take care of automated backups, configure an SSL certificate, and even configure WP themes and plugins for you.

    ScalaHosting offers top-tier managed WordPress services in a virtual private server (VPS) environment. Benefit from 24/7 professional assistance and the unique SWordPress Manager for easy automation and enhanced security.

  • How do I transfer my WordPress website to ScalaHosting?

    The only thing you need to do is pick the date and time when you want us to transfer your WordPress website from your previous provider and send us the login details to your old host. We will then migrate your website along with all databases and emails free of charge, without downtime, and often within a couple of hours.

  • Will my WordPress website be down during the migration?

    No. Your website will not be down even for a second. Your visitors will not notice anything. The transfer is a smooth process that is performed by trained website migration specialists. The whole process is effortless and hassle-free.

  • How long does it take to transfer my WordPress website?

    In 95% of the cases, the migration process takes less than 2 hours. The time frame depends on the size of the website and how much data we need to transfer.

  • Can I upgrade my WordPress hosting plan?

    The WordPress Cloud VPS hosting solution is scalable with flexible resource allocation. You can add more CPU cores, RAM, and disk space with a single click, and the server resources are automatically upgraded within a minute. With traditional hosting, you have three fixed plans to choose from and can upgrade to the WordPress Advanced plan if you find them insufficient.

    The VPS hosting plans allow you to host multiple WordPress sites on a single server and switch between them with ease.

  • What is the best WordPress Hosting for an online store?

    WordPress sites can typically utilize any type of web hosting service as WP itself is not very resource-demanding. But when it comes to ecommerce stores, you need more than the average performance and security.

    The best WordPress hosting deals often involve virtual private servers. VPS solutions are lightning-fast, highly secure, and offer practically limitless scalability. This way, you can also ensure excellent user experience and guaranteed uptime for all your ecommerce sites.

  • What is SWordPress Manager?

    SWordPress Manager is a unique, in-house developed tool for easy management of WordPress sites. ScalaHosting includes the tool on all SPanel hosting accounts.

    SWordPress Manager allows you to install WordPress, set up automatic WordPress updates, and configure daily backups of your data. Additionally, the Security Lock feature allows you to harden the defenses around your hosting environment and protect your files from being tampered with.

  • How does the 24/7 technical support work?

    ScalaHosting is one of the hosting providers that offer a dedicated WordPress team, available round-the-clock. You can get instant technical assistance via live chat (real-time) or open a ticket from your client area with an initial response time of up to 15 minutes with just a few clicks.

    Technical support covers all issues that are related to our WordPress hosting platform and servers. Our in-house WordPress experts are friendly and caring while helping you resolve any questions or difficulties you may encounter.

  • How do I get started with WordPress hosting?

    Starting a new WordPress website is easy!

    If you are looking to grow your site and accommodate more visitors - go for a WordPress virtual server. Smaller and personal projects can also fit on a shared hosting deal.

    Once you choose, click the Get Started button under the desired web hosting plan, and our setup wizard will guide you through the steps.