10 Reasons why you need an SSD cloud server

10 Reasons why you need an SSD cloud  server

When it comes to hosting options the SSD cloud server is gaining more and more popularity. In the following article we will sum up all of the benefits of this type of hosting, so if you have uncertainties on the subject, here you can find the answers you’re searching for. But before deepening in the characteristics of this hosting option, we should quickly explain the role of hosting for our internet presence. If you’re reading this article, you have most probably created a business site already or you’re on the way of doing it. What hosting does to your website is actually publishing it in the online space. Imagine it like the latest video you have made on your vacation – when stored on your desktop, it will be only accessible to you. In order to share it with friends and acquaintances you would have to upload it on YouTube or Facebook for example or just send it via e-mail. The same applies to your website – until you have contacted a web hosting company, which would take care of it, it will not be seen by anyone but you. The web hosting providers will store your content on very powerful computers, named servers, and connect your website to the internet. This is the only way to make your page accessible to the whole world. It is imaginable that you maintain your website from your PC at home, but your computer will most probably lack the needed power, which the hosting company’s servers own. The hosting providers offer different kinds of web hosting services and the newest one is the SSD cloud hosting. But what is this exactly?

SSD is the newest kind of a storage device. It is maybe the greatest innovation up until now in the area. The abbreviation stays for “Solid State Drive”. The technology used by this type of storage device is fully electronic and has no moving parts whereas the traditional hard disk drives (HDD) spin around their platters when reading or writing data. So now we have an electronical device versus a mechanical one. And understandably the following question pops up: Which are the advantages of choosing SSD cloud hosting?


  1. Speed
  2. The first thing to consider is speed. Since there are no moving parts, characteristic for the traditional hard drives, the speed by writing and reading any data is way higher, because the data operations happen completely electronically. Input/Output Operations Per Second or simply IOPS is a measurement, which describes the speed at which a device can read or write data. By the HHDs the IOPS varies between ca. 80-180. With SSDs the IOPS increase up to 75.000 when writing data for example. You don’t have to be a math genius to see the huge difference between the old and the new technology. Of course, such speed means that your website will load faster as well and it is good to know that Google has made the loading speed one of its ranking factors.

  3. Performance
  4. With the increase of the speed, the site performance will be improved a lot. This means that not only will the loading speed of the pages be better, but the access to the files and data would be faster as well. By the old hard drives a factor is the file fragmentation, which can result in slower access to the files. Since there is no such thing with the SSDs, it is understandable that the access is much faster. For some pages like large e-commerce websites this is crucial – the slower the website – the fewer sales completed, as the customers can get bored and give up when having to wait for too long. And to the contrary – the better the performance – the bigger the chances of more sales. Even if you are not selling anything, the faster your website works, the better the impression in your customers’ eyes. A well maintained and working website could be a significant factor by the business decisions of your clients. Most of the companies would not use the SSD technology because it is very expensive to replace the old hard drives. By choosing the SSD cloud hosting you will have a better chance at the daily growing competition in the business world.

  5. Data Safety
  6. As there are no moving parts by the SSDs, there could be no wearing out with time, which could happen with the traditional HDDs. Because of the same reason it is highly unlikely that you experience vibration damage and the operational temperature would not be something to worry about as well (you will not have to deal with cooling the device). There is little to no chance for data loss because of mobility – transporting the SSDs is as safety as possible. This means that you can be sure no to worry about your important data when choosing this type of web hosting.

  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. The SSD technology uses up to 80% less energy than the old drives and generates less heat. If we are talking about a single server this may not seem like a big deal to you, but there are entire data centers, using this type of web hosting, and this is something, which already makes a difference. Here we can add that a device, which should be rarely replaced, means a smaller usage of resources, which contributes to the eco-friendly character of the SSDs, but more about their longevity – in the next point.

  9. Tenacity
  10. Any mechanical device is bound to experience failure at some point. It is clear that the HDD technology has improved over the years – it has become smaller when talking about physical appearance, but its capacity for resources has increased a lot. However, the SSD device is still a much more reliable choice and here’s why: SSDs use microchips in order to store data. Hence the durability is a characteristic trait of this web hosting option. Of course, the SSDs are a new technology and it’s not impossible for it to break down. However, there is a measurement called Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), which has proven that the SSDs have a significantly longer lifespan than the HDDs. This means that the repairing costs are reduced to a minimum for you in the long term. Even if the system is not in a working phase the 100% stationary SSD is much more secure than the mechanical HDD.

    Here we will make a quick digression to note that up until this point we were actually more or less explaining the advantages of the SSD technology. In the next few lines we will take a closer look at the good sides of the SSD cloud hosting, i.e. the hosting features.

  11. Accessibility
  12. When choosing SSD cloud hosting your website will be stored on not just one but a system of servers. This means that if a server crashes or something goes wrong with it, your website will not at all experience downtime. What will happen is that your site will continue working by using the resources, obtained from the other servers. In other words, your website will have the maximal availability at all times, which cannot be promised when choosing any of the other web hosting options.

  13. Scalability
  14. One of the best features of this type of hosting is its scalability. This means that with the growth of the traffic on your website, the amount of resources you’re using will be increased as well. And to the opposite – if there is a big decrease in the number of visitors of your page, you will be able to reduce the resources as needed. This is a very good option especially for companies, whose business makes better sales during a certain time of the year. For example, if you are selling Christmas decorations, it is obvious that you will have a lot of traffic during the winter months, which will result in a need for more resources. To the contrary – during the other time of the year, you will need much less resources in order to maintain your website, so you will be able to reduce the amount as much as you like.

  15. Protection from DDoS attacks
  16. This type of hosting has the best defense mechanism when it comes to DDoS attacks. Such attacks would not harm your private information or files, but their goal is to overwhelm your server with requests, causing it to crash. This could be pretty annoying if you’re running a business website, because you can easily lose sales even if your website is unavailable only for a minute. But how do the SSD cloud servers tackle with the problem? Because of the giant cloud (the system of servers), the bigger part of the information is taken by the attacked server and the other part is easily spread between the servers, which causes no serious damage.

  17. Affordability
  18. Counter to the expectations, the SSD cloud hosting plans are becoming more and more reasonable every day. Due to the fact that you could increase and decrease the amount of resources based on your needs, you   will get exactly what you pay for. Even the owners of small and middle businesses are transferring to this hosting option because of the better speed, user experience, performance etc.  Economically, a cloud server is a much better option than a dedicated one, because at a similar price, you will be provided with much more resources and a better speed. You should of course consider your budget before making any kind of a web hosting decision, but make sure to thoroughly contemplate the pros of the cloud servers. We could only recommend you to check out our SSD cloud hosting plans and become convinced, that the monthly prices are as reasonable as possible.

  19. Management
  20. When choosing SSD cloud hosting the server’s management will be in the hands of your provider. This means that you will not have to worry about data backups, upgrades, configuration and virus protection. Not only does it require a deep programming knowledge, but it takes loads of time to tackle with every little problem that may come up. Fortunately for you, the web hosting company will take care of every aspect of the server’s maintenance such as the Firewall installation for example. This will give you the opportunity to focus completely on your business and spare yourself some nerves and a lot of time since you will not be responsible for any technical issues.

The question you should be asking yourself is if you’re serious about your business. It’s crystal clear, that you will have to invest a lot when choosing cloud hosting, but if you want the best for your company’s website, this is the greatest option and the newest technology in the web hosting area. So what is there to think about? The SSD cloud hosting will not only offer you a fulltime availability, but a great speed, performance, security and protection too. This option is very user friendly and because of the many advantages your site will not only be ranked well in Google but will easily gain new customers. The SSD cloud hosting will give your company’s website a professional and reliable business image and this is something to consider when joining the competition of the big companies. The more legitimate your website appears, the better the chances of making more sales and fascinating new clients. So it is important to establish a serious and strong presence among the internet. In the century of technologies you should always try to keep up with the latest innovations, because this is an important factor when making business. A lot of clients are much more approachable when knowing that the business company is up to date with everything new. Make sure to take a look at our SSD cloud hosting plans and find out all of the additional features of this option by yourself. This kind of technology is used even by some of the biggest and most successful websites of all times such as Google and Amazon, so why not give it a try?

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