WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, app or ecommerce store. It is the most used and liked CMS platform nowadays. Every 3rd website is created using WordPress.

That’s why we decided to create a platform for managing WordPress websites called SWordPress Manager.

Swordpress Manager

SWordPress Manager

SWordPress Manager makes the management of WordPress websites much easier and adds multiple layers of security. Installing WordPress takes seconds with the SWordPress Manager

There are no limitations how many websites you can manage. Anyone can use it because it requires no technical knowledge

Here is what you can do with the SWordPress Manager today

  • Install/remove WordPress websites
  • Reset admin password
  • Enable/disable automatic updates
  • Enable/disable security lock

The following features are being developed and will be available soon

  • Cloning
  • Staging - It’s in the process of developing. Until ready, every customer is provided with free Premium Softaculous 1-click installer, which fully supports this function.
  • Backup/restore


The WordPress platform is the biggest target of hackers because of its popularity. Unlike other WordPress management platforms SWordPress Manager has added multiple measures to improve the security of WordPress websites and make them really hard to hack.

When you install WordPress from the SWordPress Manager all those security measures get applied to your website making it more secure.

The Security Lock feature moves the security of your WordPress website to the next level. Basically, it locks all files and directories so that they cannot be modified or new files uploaded. In this way even if a vulnerability is found, the hacker will not be able to infect the website.

At the same time your website continues to function normally. You can add new articles/pages, upload pictures/videos.

You need to disable the security lock if you need to install a new plugin or edit any of the WordPress files manually. It is recommended to enable the security lock once you are done with the changes.

The SWordPress Manager will automatically disable the security lock during the automatic updates of the core, plugins and themes. After the updates it will enable the security lock.

SWordPress Manager is part of the SPanel platform which allows every website owner to have their own managed cloud VPS with a control panel, SShield real-time protection, daily backups and snapshots at an affordable price close to shared hosting.