ScalaHosting Announces Partnership with Amazon AWS

ScalaHosting Announces Partnership with Amazon AWS

Constantly striving to improve our VPS services, ScalaHosting is excited to announce a long-awaited partnership with one of the leaders in the industry – Amazon AWS

This new partnership allows us to further expand our line of VPS Server Solutions and datacenter locations. You can now get the best of both worlds, combining ScalaHosting’s in-house developed solutions with Amazon’s powerful infrastructure.

Here are more details about the new partnership.

More Servers

Amazon AWS adds four more server choices for all ScalaHosting customers. The VPS solutions range from 2GB to 16GB RAM. At the very least, you will be utilizing 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 6GB SSD space, and a whopping 3TB of bandwidth monthly.

Scala clients benefit from special discounts with Amazon AWS plans, ranging from 7% to 33%. That means you can get a powerful VPS server for as low as $25.95/mo.

More Data Centers

With more server options come more datacenter locations. We are talking about 13 new hosting points spread across the entire world. 

The Amazon AWS locations are:

  • Virginia, Ohio, Oregon (US)
  • Montreal (Canada)
  • Ireland
  • London (UK)
  • Paris (France)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Seoul (South Korea)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Sydney (Australia)

The wide range of choices guarantees that all clients can get a server from a location close to their visitors and enjoy optimal site performance.

More from SPanel

ScalaHosting adds another layer of hosting security and management to the AWS servers with a set of proprietary solutions for our users. 

One of them is SPanel!

This all-in-one platform serves as a cPanel alternative, including all essential functionalities of the market leader in control panels. All with the “small” detail that SPanel is completely free of charge

Among the latest new additions and improvements to SPanel, you can find:

  • SShield, an AI-powered security solution.
  • Support for wildcard Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and domains.
  • Hardened email configuration to prevent mail spoofing.
  • Support for email disk quotas.
  • Softaculous one-click software installer.

ScalaHosting never stops looking for new opportunities, so expect to hear more exciting news soon!



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