Breaking News: CentOS 8 Support Ends in December 2021

Breaking News: CentOS 8 Support Ends in December 2021

CentOS is a popular open-source Linux distribution, utilized as an operating system by over 5% of websites worldwide. Going strong since 2004, just last year, the developers released its latest feature-packed version – CentOS 8

This is why the latest announcement from The CentOS Project came as a shock to many – CentOS 8 support is ending in December 2021. That’s even more surprising given the fact that project developers have already promised support until 2024 for the previous version of the distro – CentOS 7

Table of contents:

  1. What Happened with CentOS 8?
  2. What Can You Do About It?
  3. Conclusion

What Happened with CentOS 8?

As it turns out, CentOS 8 was not the problem per se. If you have been following the organization closely, just last year, they released a new product called CentOS Stream. It acted as a midstream between Fedora and RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and is already ahead of the next RHEL release. 

Developers have made it clear that CentOS Stream will be one they’ll be focusing on from now on, so CentOS 8 users will have to look for another long-term solution.

What Can You Do About It?

Luckily, CentOS 8 is not among the recommended distribution systems for cPanel, so a small portion of users will actually feel this change. Still, as cPanel plans to keep RHEL support to at least 2024, hosting providers that use the popular control panel will have to incur additional license costs.

This is just another price increase from cPanel in the last couple of years, so many users are naturally looking for an alternative.

ScalaHosting VPS hosting clients enjoy a custom-built control panel solution called SPanel. The all-in-one hosting management platform offers extended functionalities, an intuitive interface, and unique in-house innovations. But most importantly – it’s completely free!

You can contact the ScalaHosting Support via chat, phone, and email to learn more about SPanel and the best operating system for your project.


Even though CentOS 8 support is ending in December 2021, that shouldn’t be the end of the world for your online project. Whether you decide to keep using the distribution without developer assistance or switch to a new solution altogether – there are suitable options around the corner.

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