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1-click Installer

The 1-click installer from Scala Hosting allows you to install your Drupal content management system with just one click of the mouse. It is so easy that anyone can do it. Forget about weird installation errors and manual updates, the 1-click installer solves it all. Get your Drupal hosting plan from $2.95/mo today!

24/7 Live Chat Support

As a Scala Hosting client live chat support will be available to you 24/7. Our IT experts are highly familiar with the Drupal content management system and know what they are doing. Purchase the “Ecommerce” Drupal hosting plan and get priority support as well. Sleep soundly knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Free Migration

If you are looking to migrate from another web hosting company or another web hosting plan to a Drupal hosting plan then you can benefit from a free migration right? Scala Hosting offers free migration with all Drupal hosting plans. Nothing is stopping you know, purchase your Drupal hosting plan from $2.95/mo now!

LiteSpeed Web Server

One of our secret tricks is the LiteSpeed web server – the fastest web server known to mankind. You have never seen fast until you have hosted your website on the LiteSpeed web server. All Drupal hosting plans feature LiteSpeed. Your clients will definitely love it. Purchase your Drupal hosting plan from $2.95/mo today!

Immediate Activation

Don’t waste another minute waiting for your web hosting plan to be activated. At Scala Hosting all hosting plans are activated immediately after the payment is complete. Now you can start working on your Drupal website right away. Use the 1-click installer for an even faster development start.

99.9% Uptime SLA

You picked Drupal for a reason – it’s one of the most reliable content management systems out there. However a reliable CMS is nothing without a reliable hosting plan. All Drupal hosting plans that we offer have 99.9% uptime. Not just empty words, our promise is backed by a service level agreement (SLA).

Multiple Locations

Is your business selling to European customers or USA customers? Scala Hosting has servers in both EU and US data centers and allows you to pick the one that’s closer to your customers. Choosing the right data center will improve your performance and will also boost your search engine visibility a little.

Drupal Optimized

Our Drupal hosting plans are truly state of the art hosting solutions optimized for Drupal specifically. Our IT engineers understand how the core of Drupal works and have designed the hosting plans in a way that enhances the performance of Drupal dramatically. Additionally all Drupal hosting plans come with several goodies like the 1-click installer that you will really love.

Powerful Servers

All of our Drupal hosting plans are powered by state of the art quad core CPU technology from Intel. This means that you will get all the power you will ever need for your Drupal website. Forget about cheap servers and poor performance. Scala Hosting delivers maximum power for the best possible experience.

Malware Scans & Removal

Are you not tired from security issues and malicious software trying to sabotage your website? Get ready for perfect Drupal security as every Drupal hosting plan comes with regular malware scans and malware removals. Forget about paying third-party companies to clean and restore your website. We have solved this issue already.

Automated Updates

Drupal can be troublesome to update sometimes. Many webmasters complain of weird errors and broken pages after a Drupal update, but with Drupal hosting this is a thing of the past. Enable automated updates and enjoy a trouble-free update service that simply works right every time.

7 Daily Backups

A great Drupal hosting solution should definitely come with a great backup strategy. Most web hosting companies do not backup your data often enough. Purchase a Drupal hosting plan and you will get a backup every day – that’s right with Scala Hosting every day is backup day! Sleep soundly knowing that your data is 100% safe.

Web Attacks Blocker

Security is one of our greatest assets – our IT engineers simply know how to optimize a Drupal hosting plan in a way that it becomes impenetrable by malicious software and known malicious queries. The web attacks blocker is the mod_security php module optimized for Drupal hosting plans. Get your Drupal hosting plan from $2.95/mo today!

Dedicated Firewall

The most important security feature of all is a dedicated firewall. A dedicated firewall is required if you want maximum security but is often very hard to install and configure and can get really expensive really fast. However Scala Hosting offers free firewall installation and configuration with every Drupal hosting plan.

Custom Security Rules

At Scala Hosting we believe that security rules should be designed on an ad hoc basis – universal solutions don’t cut it anymore. Our IT engineers understand how the Drupal core works and have created a set of custom security rules that are optimized for the Drupal content management system specifically.

Free Domain

Get the annual “Advanced” or “Ecommerce” Drupal hosting plans today and receive a special bonus – a 100% free domain. Renew your hosting plan for another year and we will renew your domain. No more paying for domains – Scala Hosting gives you free domains. Purchase your annual Drupal hosting plan now!

Free SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered one of the most important sources of online traffic for any online business. Unfortunately SEO is not a simple matter and an SEO audit can often cost you an arm and a leg. Purchase the “Advanced” or “Ecommerce” Drupal hosting plan and get a free SEO analysis.

Free SEO Tools

Every Drupal hosting plan comes with a useful set of SEO tools that is completely free of charge. The free SEO tools are designed to help you optimize your website for higher visibility and search engine rankings. Don’t forget to use these tools if you want to attract more targeted traffic and new customers.

Free SSL Certificate

Purchase the annual “Ecommerce” Drupal hosting plan and get two special gifts – a free domain and a free RapidSSL certificate. Wow! Now even your security is covered for free. Renew your plan for another year and get the bonuses again. Purchase your annual “Ecommerce” Drupal hosting plan today!

Free Control Panel

The best control panel for managing Drupal websites is certainly cPanel. It is often expensive but at Scala Hosting you will get it for free. If you have never tried cPanel before you will certainly love the ease of use and the powerful tools it offers. Purchase your Drupal web hosting plan today and get a cPanel for free!

Free CDN

If you are using Drupal or are planning to use Drupal for your website then you are most likely going to create a very large website with a lot of images. Photos and other images can really slow down a website especially when loaded on a smartphone. Solve your speed problems with a content delivery network (CDN). Scala Hosting offers a free CloudFlare CDN on all Drupal hosting plans.

Award-winning Drupal hosting solutions

Drupal is a multi-purpose content management system that is very powerful and efficient in that it allows developers to create advanced websites easily and efficiently. A lot of online businesses choose Drupal over other content management systems because it is very flexible and allows for advanced customization and fine tuning of a website. Although Drupal might run on most web hosting solutions it has been proved that Drupal runs best when it is installed on a specialized Drupal hosting. Most web hosting companies do not offer a Drupal hosting solution and their Drupal customers are suffering needlessly. Choose Drupal hosting today and improve website security, loading speeds, uptime and benefit from various goodies as well. By choosing a Drupal hosting plan you will have access to tech support that is actually familiar with your system and can help when no one else can. A Drupal hosting solution is right for you if you want your clients to experience your online business in the best possible way and come back asking for more! So now that you have made the decision to move from another web hosting provider to our Drupal hosting you are probably wondering how much the migration will cost you… Most web hosting companies will ask you to spend an arm and a leg for such a procedure and often they will not even do it properly, leaving your website broken and crashing. At Scala Hosting we have perfected the art of migration to an absolute maximum. We will migrate your Drupal website to your newly purchased Drupal hosting 100% free of charge! Since we cannot afford to do this for too long it is only a limited time offer that is about to expire soon. Become a Scala Hosting client and enjoy various Drupal goodies like the 1-click installer, automated updates and installations and many more. Purchase your Drupal hosting today!

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Facebook Review By Corey Lee-Bryan Martin

Corey Lee-Bryan Martin

"I would highly recommend Scala Hosting. Their prices are affordable and their service is fast and responsive. They are very fast to answer your support tickets and provide answers within hours. Their pricing is competitive and reasonable. I have no complaints whatsoever. Anyone looking for a good web hosting company will be lucky to have Scala host their site or server."

Facebook Review By Liakat Hossain

Liakat Hossain

"They are just robust! I have used almost all largest hosting company server but i found they are unique in server speed. i cant believe how a shared hosting can this much faster. Really Shame on all others largest providers. Hope will continue with them for long time."

Facebook Review By Craig Strachan

Craig Strachan

"I have been hosting with Scala for years and years. Initially it was a basic shared hosting packing, slowly graduation to a dedicated managed VPS. Prices are good, support is excellent, and they are constantly upgrading their offerings with no price change. EG: recently they increased the bandwidth per account, and now I am being moved to an SSD drive - even faster! Highly recommended."

Facebook Review By Siva Kumar S

Siva Kumar S

"I am using Scala hosting for a very long time, so for their service is excellent in terms of support and uptime. I have also refer my friend to make use of it for their websites and project work. With respect to the costing its better then other players in this segment of services. I am one of the happy customer of Scala hosting...."

Facebook Review By Febry Andriansyah

Febry Andriansyah

"Excellent Service, fast response. No regrets about using a scahosting service. And more than 50 of my domains in scalahosting."

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