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Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans

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What is a Managed VPS?

The managed VPS is a type of web hosting plan where the provider actively helps the client by taking care of their server management. These services include regular maintenance, monitoring, hardware setup, software installations, technical issue resolutions, and more. Managed VPS hosting is the perfect fit for startups, growing businesses, and any user with limited technical experience, allowing the site owner to fully focus on their online project instead of dealing with technicalities.

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From freelance web developers, to web design agencies, to bustling e-commerce websites, to savvy domain resellers, clients trust our managed cloud-hosting solutions to reach their full potential on the web.

VPS Control Panel
Cloud Management That’s
Beautifully Simple
SPanel is a next-generation control panel created specifically for the VPS environment. Proudly developed by ScalaHosting as an in-house solution, SPanel provides easy management, top-of-the-line security, blazingly fast loading times, and more than
$78.95/mo in extra features
Control Panel SPanel $0/mo
Advanced Cybersecurity SShield $0/mo
Faster Web Server OpenLiteSpeed $0/mo
Daily Backups SBackup $0/mo
SWordPress Manager $0/mo
24/7/365 Fully Managed Service $0/mo
Total: $0
SPanel SPanel
cPanel cPanel
. With our “cloud democracy” system, we even allow users to suggest and vote on new features, steering the direction we take SPanel in the future. And best of all, it’s completely free.
Learn more about SPanel SPanel
Keep Your Websites
Protected at All Times
SShield is an innovative security solution which blocks 99.998% of the web attacks to your website. It also monitors your website in real-time and notifies you if a hack occurs.
Learn more about SShield SShield
Seamless Management for
High-Performing Sites
SwordPress is the easiest way to manage your WordPress site. Clone, backup, restore or install over 250 apps with a single click! Now anyone can manage their website like a pro!
Learn more about SWordPress SWordPress

Host on the cloud and accelerate your growth

One-size-fit-all plans are a thing of the past. Our fully featured, managed VPS cloud technology offers full customization and on-demand scaling at market-leading prices.


Optimized for Performance

Our VPS services combine enterprise-level hardware with innovative software and tuning so that your websites load faster 24/7/365—increasing your sales, SEO score, and global visibility.


Built for Reliability

Our custom-built servers and self-healing cloud setup prevent lag and downtime while maximizing reliability.

uptime guarantee

On-Demand Scalability

Deliver high performance at any scale. Upgrade or downgrade your resources at any time, with a single click.

flexible to your needs

Why ScalaHosting?

Why is ScalaHosting ranked #1 by TrustPilot, WHTOP, WHMCS, and Reddit? It’s all because of you.


Forget hosting complexities with a VPS fully managed 24/7/365 by experts

Our virtual personal servers are truly fully managed. We entirely set up, maintain, and optimize your managed VPS, and we fix any issues that may arise, keeping all the management hands-off for you.

Unlike other providers, we even handle the advanced stuff – without any extra fees.

second response
minute response

Cutting-edge cloud technology for cutting-edge websites

Thanks to our state-of-the-art innovation and R&D, we’re fully independent. This means we don’t rely on any third-party providers for our VPS services, so you get the best technology and lowest prices on the market.

As soon as we develop a feature, you get access to it for free in SPanel.
Our success is driven by you.
See the SPanel product roadmap

Migrate fast and free

Migrate fast and free

Expert-Managed Migration

Our migration experts will handle the entire process of transferring your websites and accounts to your new ScalaHosting VPS and will stop at nothing to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Migrate as many websites as you need for free

We will migrate as many websites as you want, completely free of charge.

Fast and Painless

Our streamlined website migration process promises no downtime or hassle on your end.

Technical Assurance

With us, the entire migration process is completed by humans and never by automated software. Once the transfer is complete, we’ll also ensure that everything works properly on your new VPS.

Launch a new website

Launch a new website

Manage Your Website Like a Pro

Clone, stage, back up, restore, and control your website easily.

One-Click Installer

Install over 250 apps with a single click.

Go Live in Minutes

Get a fully optimized server running in five minutes.

Scale on Demand

Upgrade and downgrade resources with single a click.