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Magento Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

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1-click Installer

Our Magento hosting plans come with a built-in 1-click installer that will allow you to install the Magento CMS within just one click of your mouse. The last thing you want is to waste time with complicated installations and by becoming a Scala Hosting client you will not have to anymore.

Free Migration

Are you coming from a different web hosting provider or a different web hosting plan? No need to spend money on website migration. Our Magento hosting clients can have their website migrated to our servers 100% free of charge. Save time and money and allow us to help you migrate your online business effortlessly.

24/7 Live Chat Support

When you are running an ecommerce business, every technical issue related to your hosting needs to be resolved as fast as possible even if it occurs during the night or during the weekend. This is why our Magento hosting clients have live chat support available at their disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Magento Optimized

We wanted to design a Magento hosting plan that really packs a punch! Most hosting companies will try to fool you with useless features that your Magento website doesn’t need, but our hosting plans feature multiple Magento-specific optimizations that will truly result in an effortless and most pleasant hosting experience.

Automated Updates

One of the main benefits of using a CMS like Magento is that new updates are constantly being released in order to patch bugs from previous versions. However installing those updates is sometimes frustrating and time-consuming. Our Magento hosting plans allow you to opt for automated updates if you need them.

Web Attacks Blocker

More security features! Your newly purchased Magento hosting plan will feature an optimized piece of software called Web Attacks Blocker. It is based on the mod_security module and is designed to block suspicious and known malicious attacks on your server in advance.

Dedicated Firewall

Even more security features! There is no catch, we just want you to have the most pleasant and unforgettable Magento hosting experience. Get a dedicated firewall with your newly purchased hosting package. Installation and configuration is included 100% free of charge.

Custom Security Rules

We have created custom security rules that are optimized for Magento specifically. This is as good as it gets. As a Scala Hosting client you will have the opportunity to benefit from multiple carefully selected features designed to turn your server into an impenetrable fortress!

Malware Scans & Removal

Our Magento hosting plans feature a specialized anti-malware platform that performs regular scans and removal operations so your server is constantly clean from malicious software. Now you can relax knowing that your clients are enjoying an uninterrupted and pleasant experience on your website.

7 Daily Backups

We will be backing up your valuable data every day of the month so you can sleep soundly knowing that you can restore your files to a previous point in time. Just make a request to our tech support and we will restore your website to your desired backup. Once you try Scala Hosting you will never want anything else!

LiteSpeed Web Server

Do you want your ecommerce business to run on the fastest server in the world? Done. All Magento hosting plans are based on the LiteSpeed web server which is so fast that all of your clients will be baffled by the lightning fast loading speeds that your website will have on both desktops and mobile devices.

SpeedBoost Caching plugin

The SpeedBoost caching plugin is a specialized software created by LiteSpeed that runs on the server level. Its goal is to cache some core Magento files and database requests on the disk array. This is one of the main jewels of our Magento hosting. Finally a hosting plan that will run Magento really, really fast.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Your ecommerce business needs to be online 24/7 if your clients are to trust you. This means that you need very high uptime guarantee from your hosting company. Our Magento hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime service level agreement. Unlike most other hosting companies our claim is backed up by an SLA.

Powerful Servers

Not only are we using the fastest server on the planet, but the physical machines that are running it are also frighteningly fast! As a Magento hosting client, your website will be hosted on machines based on the latest quad core Intel CPUs so you can experience next-generation speeds and reliability.

Multiple Locations

We have strategically placed our servers in multiple locations in US and European datacenters. This means that if most of your customers or visitors come from the United States, then the US datacenter is a better option for your Magento website, because it is closer to your customers and your website will load faster. Choosing the proper location will result in a small SEO boost as well.

Free Domain

Did you know that you could pre-pay the Magento Advanced or the Magento Ecommerce hosting plans for a year and get a free domain with your purchase? In fact you can repeat this promotion over and over again which will result in the elimination of domain costs forever!

Free SSL Certificate

When you pre-pay the Magento Ecommerce hosting plan you will not only get a free domain, but also a free SSL certificate! As you know SSL certificates are a must for every ecommerce business, so save money and opt for the annual plan and you will get the SSL certificate that all clients nowadays demand as well.

Free SEO Analysis

The Magento Advanced and Ecommerce hosting plans come with a built-in SEO analysis feature that will allow you to audit your website and retrieve important information regarding technical issues on your website that might be preventing you from achieving better rankings in multiple search engines.

Free SEO Tools

Enjoy a full set of SEO tools for free with our Magento hosting plans. SEO is an often overlooked source of highly targeted visitors. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your website non-optimized. Make sure to check out all of these tools and take whatever measures necessary to correct potential SEO mistakes.

Free Control Panel

cPanel is considered the best control panel in the world and many people are only purchasing hosting plans that include it. Some hosting plans with cPanel can be quite expensive but we decided to offer it free of charge so we can be always one step ahead of our competition! Decisions like that made us one of the best Magento hosting companies out there.

Free CDN

Ecommerce websites often feature a large amount of product and promotion images that can sometimes slow down the website dramatically. This is why all our Magento hosting plans come with a free content delivery network (CDN) – a technology that will enable you to increase the loading speeds of your website dramatically.

Not every Magento hosting is created equal

There are a ton of content management systems (CMS) developed for the ecommerce industry, but most people agree that Magento is one of the best platforms for this purpose. Magento is especially useful if you are running a large ecommerce enterprise that requires a lot of custom and advanced functionalities. Naturally if you are using Magento you will be needing a reliable web hosting solution that can support the development of your websites. Generally speaking, Magento will run on most web hosting plans, but unless you are using a Magento-optimized web hosting plan, then you will never be able to experience the absolute best performance that Magento is capable of. Our Magento hosting plans feature a rich set of functionalities and Magento-specific optimizations that are going to dramatically enhance your website. If that weren’t enough we went ahead and based our Magento hosting on the fastest server in the world – LiteSpeed. The Magento hosting experience is truly impressive. Thanks to the 1-click installer feature you will be able to setup Magento almost instantly without the need of any technical knowledge whatsoever. Or if you are coming from a different web hosting provider or a different web hosting plan, we will migrate your website to your newly purchased Magento hosting for free. As an ecommerce client you will get to enjoy strengthened security features like regular malware scans and cleanups, optional automated updates, custom security rules and a firewall dedicated to your website specifically. If you value your ecommerce business then you will surely benefit from a highly optimized and reliable Magento hosting solution like the one Scala Hosting is offering. If you are looking to outperform your competition so you can stand out in the eyes of your clients, then you need every possible advantage you can get. Gain a competitive edge by switching to a Magento hosting solution today!

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