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SSD Cloud Servers with cPanel

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Self-healing Cloud Infrastructure

Welcome to the 21st century and the future of SSD cloud hosting. By implementing the latest advancements in the web hosting industry, Scala Hosting offers you a new type of SSD cloud server technology which is able to maintain perfect stability at all times. Thanks to our self-healing cloud infrastructure, our servers are capable of performing complex repairing and maintenance tasks automatically. Maximum uptime is guaranteed.

Enterprise SSD Drives

SSD cloud servers are known for their security, flexibility, reliability and speed. By using Solid State Drives (SSD) instead of the Hard Disk Drives (HDD), an SSD cloud server delivers performance that is unmatched by any traditional technology. However there is a difference of quality and performance even between various solid state drives. While other companies may use cheap solid state drives, we are using only the best enterprise-grade SSDs.

Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime

Our cPanel cloud hosting is very flexible in that it allows you to manage your server resources in real-time! Want more CPU, Ram or Space? No problem, just go ahead and adjust the settings to your preference. Traditional servers cannot be upgraded as fast and thus your business may suffer when resource expansion needs to happen on the fly. No more waiting, Scala Hosting offers extremely low upgrade times on all SSD Cloud Servers.

FREE Security Hardening

At Scala Hosting security is one of our top priorities. That is why every our SSD cloud hosting client gets free security hardening with their purchase. You will receive free firewall installation and configuration, brute force protection tools, mod_security configuration and PHP security hardening. Our servers are as secure as secure servers get. Purchase your plan today and enjoy a worry-free and malware-free experience.

FREE Firewall Installation & Configuration

Firewalls are an essential security component of every SSD cloud server hosting plan especially when the highest security is desired. However many times firewalls, being a complex piece of software, are hard to install and configure. This is why when you purchase your SSD cloud server hosting, you will receive free firewall installation and configuration from our IT experts. Choose Scala Hosting for an effortless and enjoyable web hosting experience.

FREE Updates & Security Audits

Running SSD cloud server hosting efficiently requires the usage and maintenance of multiple software systems. In order to guarantee maximum uptime and flawless security we like to maintain the latest versions of all server software like Litespeed, php, MySQL and more. Not only that but we run constant security audits to spot any potential issues ahead of time. Scala Hosting delivers enterprise-grade support to every client for free.

Facebook Review By Farhan Yunus

Farhan Yunus

"Excellent Service, Quick response via Customer Support. No Downtime faced.i am using Scala hosting since 5 Years. Awesome !!!!"

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Gustavo Gallardo

"Great support, friendly people, great patience and good energy all the time, I am very grateful to the support and service all the time at Scala. I recommend 100%."

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Iftekhar Shuvo

"Scala Hosting is a great experience for me. Specially it's costumer service. I try other company. But Scala's costumer service is best. It's live chat is excellent. I am very happy with Scala. Go ahed #scala"

Facebook Review By Daniel Hougaard

Daniel Hougaard

"Fantastic support! They even know that memes are, they love interacting with customers and their servers are amazing! Never had a issue with these guys! The guy Paul should get a promotion for being so interactive :)"

Facebook Review By Imraan Alam

Imraan Alam

"Excellent hosting provider, I really love this because of affordable and reliable service."

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