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1-click Installer

When it comes to Joomla one of the most complicated steps is the actual installation, we know that many webmasters dislike the process. That’s why we introduced the 1-click installer which allows you to install the latest version of Joomla with just one mouse click. It’s really easy – anyone can do it!

24/7 Live Chat Support

Our IT experts are working around the clock so you can sleep soundly at night. Whenever you have a question you can ask our chat support to assist you and you will get an immediate reply. Our support staff has received many positive reviews and is rated among one of the best performing support teams out there.

Free Migration

Now that you have realized that your Joomla-based website could be running much faster on a Joomla hosting plan, maybe you are looking to migrate from another web hosting provider to Scala Hosting. Other web hosting companies will charge you for this, but Scala Hosting offers free migration on all Joomla hosting plans.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed web server is officially the fastest web server on the planet. That is why all our Joomla hosting plans are running on LiteSpeed. Usually it is rather expensive to use LiteSpeed so only the most expensive web hosting plans have it, but with Scala Hosting you can have it with any Joomla hosting plan.

Immediate Activation

Start working on your Joomla website right away! All of our Joomla hosting plans are immediately activated after the payment process. Forget about waiting, your plan will be instantly available and our support team will be there to assist you with whatever you need to start developing the web.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Scala Hosting is extremely reliable and offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime on all servers and all web hosting plans. All Joomla hosting plans are virtually uninterruptible, but don’t just take our word for it. Unlike other web hosting companies our uptime guarantee is backed by a service level agreement (SLA).

Multiple Locations

Scala Hosting has servers in both European and USA data centers. Pick from whichever is closer to you. This is important because choosing the right data center will make your websites load faster to your target audience and will also improve your search engine rankings. This feature is available on all Joomla hosting plans.

Joomla Optimized

Scala Hosting claims to offer some of the best Joomla hosting offers out there. These are not just empty words, our Joomla hosting plans come packed full of Joomla-specific features and our IT experts are fully familiar with the Joomla CMS so they can assist you and help you troubleshoot any potential Joomla issues that you might experience.

Powerful Servers

Serious hardware for serious websites. Our Joomla hosting plans are running on servers utilizing the latest quad core CPU technology from Intel. Amazing speeds and extreme reliability are just two of the features that our Joomla hosting plans boast. Purchase your Joomla hosting plan from $2.95/mo today!

Malware Scans & Removal

All Joomla hosting plans feature regular malware scans and malware removals. We aim to provide a web hosting solution that is not just fast and affordable but also extremely secure as well. By purchasing a Joomla hosting plan you will become the owner of a highly secure web hosting solution that you can trust with your website.

Automated Updates

One of the benefits of using a content management system (CMS) like Joomla is that the provider of the CMS constantly releases new updates to patch holes and make the platform more secure. This is great but installing the updates yourself can be really problematic sometimes. Worry not, all our Joomla hosting plans come with optional automated updates which you can turn on and off.

7 Daily Backups

You need to make sure your data is safe and has a lot of backups. Don’t choose a Joomla hosting company that doesn’t offer plenty of backup options. At Scala Hosting every day is backup day! Get 7 backups with any Joomla hosting plan. Purchase your Joomla hosting plan from $2.95/mo today!

Web Attacks Blocker

At Scala Hosting one of our specialties is security. Our IT engineers really know what they are doing when they are developing new web hosting plans. All Joomla hosting plans have a feature called “Web attacks blocker” for Joomla. This is the mod_security php module optimized for Joomla websites.

Dedicated Firewall

Your Joomla website is not really secure until you have your own dedicated firewall. With other web hosting companies this could become really expensive really fast, and it is really hard to configure on top of everything else. However Scala Hosting offers you a dedicated firewall and free configuration with every Joomla hosting plan purchase.

Custom Security Rules

It has been said that the best security for Joomla is rather specific. At Scala Hosting we agree that every content management system requires a different set of security modifications. Every Joomla hosting plan comes with a set of custom security rules optimized for Joomla by our expert IT engineers.

Free Domain

Purchase the annual “Advanced” or “Ecommerce” Joomla hosting plan and get a gift – a free domain! Renew your plan for another year and we renew your domain as well! Forget about paying for your domains, at Scala Hosting you can have domains for free. Purchase your Joomla hosting plan today!

Free SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually the most important source of online traffic simply because it delivers targeted visitors who want to buy what you are selling right at your website. Unfortunately SEO is not simple at all and most companies charge exorbitant prices for an audit. Purchase the “Advanced” or “Ecommerce” Joomla hosting plan and get a free SEO analysis audit.

Free SEO Tools

At Scala Hosting we want to contribute to a better, faster and more optimized web so we added a couple of highly useful SEO tools to each Joomla hosting plan that will be available to you for free. Make sure to use them if you want to optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and more targeted traffic.

Free SSL Certificate

If you purchase the annual “Ecommerce” Joomla hosting plan you will get a free domain and one more gift – a free RapidSSL certificate that will make your website much more secure. Online visitors love websites with SSL certificates because they inspire confidence and are known to be much more trustworthy.

Free Control Panel

The best web hosting control panel is cPanel. Usually it only comes with more expensive web hosting plans but actually all of our Joomla hosting plans come with a free cPanel. At Scala Hosting we aim to create the perfect Joomla hosting solution and a pleasant unforgettable web hosting experience as well.

Free CDN

If you are using Joomla or planning to use Joomla then you are most likely going to build a large website with a lot of images. Images usually slow down the speed of your website and your clients suffer. The solution to this is a content delivery network (CDN). You will get a free CDN with every Joomla hosting plan purchase.

Facebook Review By Gustavo Gallardo

Gustavo Gallardo

"Great support, friendly people, great patience and good energy all the time, I am very grateful to the support and service all the time at Scala. I recommend 100%."

Facebook Review By Alejandro Chávez Diseño Páginas Web

Alejandro Chávez Diseño Páginas Web

"Fastest and most efficient support service you will find anywhere. Hosting service you can trust and try, specially for entrepeneurs."

Facebook Review By Benjamin Janssen

Benjamin Janssen

"I have change to ScalaHosting for about 5 yrs ago. In all this 5 yrs, my service was only 3 times down. And the support by each down was professional and quick. I am very happy with the service I get. Other companies ask for more money and deliver the same or less good quality. I have my service connected to the Europe center and even its 4 country's away from my, the connection is top. The team from ScalaHosting try all the time to improve the service to there costumer by adding new features or improve of hardware. Thanks ScalaHosting for the good years :)"

Facebook Review By Love Joshua

Love Joshua

"I joined scalahosting to host the few sites i manage and save some cash, since then they have proved to be the best thing to happen to my web design carreer. They moved all my previous sites to their server for free, did additional setup for me for free and have always been there to provide support (timely) for the simplest things to the hardest issues. they have saved my behind multiple times from the anger of clients. I need to add that it is very cost effective also, even with the stupid inflation in my country, i can still afford it and be ahead of the game. Thanks scalahosting... i have renewed, i will renew again."

Facebook Review By Chris White

Chris White

"I don't remember how I found out about Scala but I'm so glad that I did! The support alone will keep me loyal to this company. The services are great, with extremely competitive prices. But the support is FAST and the team goes above and beyond. I've had to contact them twice for assistance and once for an issue I had with my servers IP being banned by Google (through no fault of Scala) and each time the support team was extremely prompt and seemed to treat my tickets with utmost priority."

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