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When using WordPress always opt for WordPress hosting

wordpresshosting_collageHow did WordPress become such a huge part of our everyday experience on the internet? We live in the 21st century and it’s the time when a business owner is bound to create a website for his company. Not only does a website bring a professional and reliable business image, but it establishes a secure bridge for communication between the company and its customers. One of the easiest and fastest ways of starting a website is by using a website builder. This is actually a software, which contains a variety of templates and designs. All you have to do is install the platform and then upload your content on it. Simple as that. Up until now the most popular website builder is WordPress. It’s an interesting fact that even some of the huge websites of our time such as eBay and the websites of Beyonce and NASA are created by using this platform. So why is it the number 1 choice nowadays? Firstly, it is free. View more

What is reseller hosting and how to pick the best plan

Depositphotos_43057407_originalThe web hosting is the present and the future of the online business. Many of the entrepreneurs are seeking for new and safe strategies for gaining money. But why exactly should you get involved? Web hosting is the service, which connects a person’s website to the internet and maintains it. With the growth of the internet and the everyday increasing amount of websites on it, there is a big field of activity for you. That’s because the internet has become a crucial part of our everyday life – to a random person, it is a huge factor for making decisions and an information source; to a businessman it is a way to present a company and have a presence in the online space in order to compete even with the most popular brands. View more

SSD cloud hosting or VPS hosting

The creation of a business website is inevitable in this century, defined by the advent of the technologies. This is the best marketing tool, which you can ever find – more than 2.4 billion people are surfing the internet every day. The website gives you the opportunity to represent your company in the most attractive way (you can even create a more successful business image of your business than its actual one), to gain credibility and to compete with the other business owners. View more

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