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ScalaHosting Cloud Servers Empowered

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Cloud servers are the most popular type of servers used nowadays. The reasons are really simple. The benefits are too many and there is really no point in using a traditional machine. Cloud hosting gives you alot. You get speed, reliability and redundancy at much lower cost. At the end you have more resources and pay less. ScalaHosting has started moving their servers to the cloud long ago. Many servers use our superior cloud infrastructure and all new customers accounts get activated on servers in the cloud. Our new customers looking for servers and our existing customers who need a server for the extra resources and security choose a cloud server. It allows them to have their web sites loading lightning fast. They can order additional CPU, RAM or disk space whenever they need it and they can remove CPU/RAM when they don’t need it anymore. In that way they always pay what they use and what they need. That flexibility cannot be achieved on a traditional dedicated server. Moreover, a dedicated server is more expensive.

Due to the fact that cloud servers are so popular right now ScalaHosting works on increasing the effectiveness and speed all the time. We have been working for the last couple of months on a new system which will allow our cloud hosting customers to increase the speed of their servers without paying a penny. Our tests showed that the performance will increase by 15-20%. Additionally, we have developed a new cloud servers management plugin allowing customers to have much more control. The new system is faster too. The deployment of a cloud server in the past took about 5-6 minutes. With the new system we can deploy hundreds of cloud servers in 10 seconds.

We will share more information about the new system in the next couple of weeks and all cloud servers customers who get switched to the new system will be able to see it.

Best Email Hosting for Small Business


business email hosting

In 2017 most of the trading is happening online. Communication has always been key in doing a successful business. Nowadays, the communication is almost 100% online. That is the biggest reason every business has a web site and email boxes. Customers can easily buy services via web sites or contact the companies quickly via email. No web site can exist without web hosting. Web hosting is what allows web sites to be accessible 24/7 to visitors from all over the world. 15 years ago there were only a few of hosting providers to choose from. Today, you can choose from thousands. Finding a reliable one may be hard to do. There are many things you will need to do to ensure you will get quality web hosting service for your online presence. In this article we will talk about the communication part and specifically the email hosting which is crucial for small businesses to stay in business and grow.

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Cloud Hosting Popularity Increasing

cloud hosting

No doubt cloud hosting is the type of hosting which has had the highest growth in the last couple of years. All big web hosting companies switched or are in the process of switching to cloud servers and moving away from traditional web hosting. Cloud hosting has got many benefits for the hosting providers and for the end users. For the cloud hosting providers it is cheaper as they can use much more powerful servers and utilize their systems resources to the maximum. At the same time they have to pay less, support less hardware and have lower licensing costs. The expenses for staff are lower too. Moreover, cloud hosting allows companies to achieve higher uptime and provide better quality of service. Finally but not least, cloud hosting is easy to support since providers can quickly provision new services. While a dedicated server installation and setup can take up to an hour, a cloud hosting server can be provisioned in minutes.

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