Clone WordPress with 1 click

The new version of SPanel that will be released later today comes with some cool new features such as WordPress cloning. It will allow you to clone any of your WordPress websites to a new address with one click.

See how easy it is to clone a WordPress website in SPanel.

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SPanel support for CentOS 8

SPanel now supports the latest version of the CentOS operating system and today we deployed the first SPanel cloud servers with CentOS 8.

The advantages for web developers and hosting users in CentOS 8 are many. Some of the biggest ones are below.

  • Better software management with DNF (Dandified YUM)
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 support which adds TLS 1.3 for better security
  • Newer versions of the supported software
  • Nftables by default for the firewall of the OS
  • Kernel version 4
  • Up to 4PB RAM memory support

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Branding in SPanel

After the cPanel price increase and the new account-based pricing model, the hosting industry has been dramatically changed. The most affected by this change are the resellers and web development companies that host their websites themselves. Since SPanel is being developed by ScalaHosting which clients can easily find the demand for branding in SPanel is huge. We have been working hard on introducing branding options so that any SPanel VPS owner can brand the control panel and name it as they wish. This feature is now available and you can change the logo, the login URL and also enter your brand to be displayed in the control panel instead of SPanel. Then you can market it as your own control panel, escape from cPanel, avoid the price increase and have a better and faster hosting solution for your websites.

If you have a reseller account and you consider migrating to SPanel but you are not sure if it will work out for you, feel free to contact us and we will give you a 30-day free trial to test it yourself and decide if you want us to migrate your websites to your own SPanel virtual server with a dedicated IP and resources.

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