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Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Select a provider and location, choose your configuration, and get your fully managed Linux VPS live in two minutes

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How SPanel Compares To CPanel

SPanel VPS cPanel VPS
Monthly Price
No extra cost
$26.95 to $200+
Ease of Use
5/5 5/5
Resource usage
Price Lock Guarantee
yes no
Security System
WordPress Manager
SWordPress Manager
Create Unlimited Accounts
Additional cost
yes yes
Multiple PHP Versions
yes yes
Automated Backups
yes yes
Brute-force Protection
yes yes
Add New Features Policy
Users demand
cPanel decides
Apache Support
yes yes
Nginx Support
yes no
OpenLiteSpeed Support
yes no
LiteSpeed Enterprise Support
yes yes
CloudFlare CDN
yes yes
yes On request
On request On request
Static Content Compression
yes yes
HTTP/2 Support
yes yes
HTTP/3 Support
On request Extra cost
PHP-FPM Support
yes yes
MySQL Databases
yes yes
yes yes
Remote MySQL Access
yes yes
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
yes yes
yes yes
yes yes
DNS Support
yes yes
FTP Support
yes yes
yes yes
Powerful API
yes yes
Add/Remove Email Accounts
yes yes
Change Email Password
yes yes
Add/Remove Email Forwarders
yes yes
Add/Remove Auto-responders
yes yes
Email Catch-all
yes yes
Email Disk Quotas
yes yes
Add/Remove Addon domains
yes yes
Add/Remove Subdomains
yes yes
DNS Editor
yes yes
Add/Remove FTP Accounts
yes yes
Generate a Full Account Backup
yes yes
Restore Files and Databases
yes yes
File Manager
yes yes
Cron Jobs Management
yes yes
PHP Version Manager
yes yes
Custom PHP.ini Editor
yes yes
Create an Account
yes yes
Terminate an Account
yes yes
Modify/upgrade an Account
yes yes
Suspend/unsuspend an Account
yes yes
Manage SSH Access
yes yes
List Accounts
yes yes
Change Username
yes yes
Change Main Domain
yes yes
Show Server Information
yes yes
Show Server Status
yes yes
Show MySQL Running Queries
yes yes
Restart a Service
yes yes
Restart a Server
yes yes
Datacenter locations
US, Europe US, Europe
Operating System
CentOS 8 CentOS 7
Latest Software
yes yes
PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
yes yes
Python support
yes yes
Apache Logs Access
yes yes
Mod_security protection
yes yes
GIT & SVN Support
yes yes
WordPress Cloning & Staging
yes no
WP CLI Support
yes yes
NodeJS support
yes yes
WHMCS integration
yes yes
SSH Access
yes yes

Build Your Own Cloud-Managed VPS

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24/7/365 Managed Linux VPS

The ScalaHosting Team is always ready to help with your server configuration, maintenance, hardware/software installation, and any technical issues you may experience.


Lightning-fast Performance

All our Linux VPS plans come with guaranteed system resources and 100% SSD storage for fast loading pages. Take advantage of premium networking at no added cost.


Think Globally, Host Locally

ScalaHosting supports a range of 35+ enterprise-grade data centers all over the world. Stay close to your target audience at all times with a Linux VPS.


Free Website Migration

You can contact our Support Team to migrate all your website data if you are storing it on another server. Site transfers are absolutely free of charge and we ensure everything is running smoothly on our Linux virtual servers.


Free Advanced Security

ScalaHosting equips you with SShield on all SPanel VPS plans. The state-of-the-art security system detects over 99.98% of known malware threats and promptly notifies the user so they can take the needed actions.


Robust Control Panel

SPanel is our next-generation hosting management solution. The platform is 100% compatible with cPanel and offers tons of useful features at no extra cost.

New: Due to popular demand

Fully Managed Linux VPS Servers from Industry-leading Providers

Data centers in 35+ locations
Enterprise-grade servers

Apart from our very own server locations, the user have an even wider selection when we add the data centers of our partners from Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean. ScalaHosting trusts only providers with a proven track record to ensure all our Linux VPS clients get the high level of speed, reliability, and security they so much deserve.

And we do it completely free of charge!

You depend on the web, we depend on you.

An Award-Winning 24/7 Support Team Behind Your Back

30-second live chat response time
15-minute ticket response time

When it comes to customer support, all ScalaHosting operators are trained to constantly improve their knowledge, speed and efficiency. We boast some of the industry’s fastest response times and are available 24/7. Our customers stay with us for 7 years on average, helping us achieve a nearly perfect client satisfaction rate.

What makes us stand out?

In-House Innovations to Boost the VPS Hosting Industry

Enjoy world-class security, rock-solid reliability, and easy server management.


SPanel VPS Control Panel

Our all-in-one proprietary platform is specifically optimized for design agencies, web developers, ecommerce shops, and domain resellers using a managed Linux VPS. SPanel guarantees robust security, blazing-fast loading speeds, and 100% email deliverability thanks to its dedicated cloud environment. Comes for free with any Linux VPS plan.


SShield Cybersecurity

SShield does 24/7, live protection on all your websites against 99.998% of attacks. The tool can run manual or automatic scans, checking every nook and cranny for possible threats. Even if a vulnerability is discovered - the client gets an immediate notifications while their services remain active.


SWordPress Manager

We have a helpful in-house developed tool for all the WordPress fans out there. You can now clone, stage, back up, and restore your website quickly and with zero effort. Our Linux VPS hosting adds multi-level security and guarantee complete control to your WordPress site. SWordPress Manager includes a unique Security Lock option that blocks editing access to your site.

Ready to switch to better hosting?

Free Website Migration

Our migration specialists will transfer as many websites as you want, entirely free of charge and without any downtimes. The support team will ensure the migration is as fast as possible and your website will look and behave the same on the new server with us.

Migrate any website in three easy steps:

  • You provide the login details to your old server.
  • We migrate the website and verify it works on your new ScalaHosting VPS.
  • You change the nameserver and point the website to your new VPS.

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Why choose ScalaHosting?


100% Customer Satisfaction

Our happy customers has ranked us #1 in the prestigious TrustPilot and WHTOP websites. You can read through hundreds of glowing five-star reviews and see what other developers, web design agencies, and entrepreneurs have to say about us. You can also check the reviews on our Facebook page.


11+ Years of Innovation

Powering over 700,000 websites from 120+ countries, ScalaHosting has been implementing innovations for over 11 years. Whether this concerns your website speed, online security, or application management - we are always prepared with a suitable solution.


30-day Money-back Guarantee

Expect nothing but the best! Our hosting plans are equipped with SPanel, which will see your site up 99.99% of the time, with faster load times, and more reliable cybersecurity than ever. If you don’t feel our VPS solution is a good fit – you can easily take advantage of our money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Managed VPS Hosting FAQs

  • What is a managed Linux VPS?

    Linux VPS hosting represents a type of virtual private server that uses Linux as an operation system (OS). This includes all various distributions like CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. If you opt-in for a managed service plan, you will also take advantage of professional support from your host with tasks like server maintenance, software installation, hardware replacement, and technical issues.

  • Should I choose Linux or Windows VPS?

    When considering if a Linux or Windows VPS is the right choice for you, make an outline of your project first - what technologies do you intend to use, what essential tools, what security setup? For example, if you want to build a stunning WordPress blog - a Linux server would best accommodate that. And if you want to employ .NET technologies or MsSQL for databases - such technologies can only fit within a Windows machine.

  • How is a Linux VPS better than Shared Hosting?

    A Linux VPS outperforms shared hosting in nearly all categories. Virtual private servers significantly improves site performance while the caged environment guarantees you are safe from neighboring breaches. Resource scalability is a huge advantage for VPS solutions, allowing the client to add/remove system resources based on their consumption.