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How to leave a ScalaHosting review on G2 in 5 Simple Steps

Client satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the main goals that drive ScalaHosting forward. This is an essential proof that we are going in the right direction and YOU appreciate that.

We want to hear your voice even more, so ScalaHosting is now part of one of the most reputable product and brand review websites – G2. We would love it if you drop us your feedback there and share your experience with Scala!

Some considerations before we begin:

  1. G2 is a bit different compared to other review platforms like Trustpilot. They are focused on collecting B2B reviews from companies rather than B2C feedback from individual users.
  2. G2 will not approve a review if its content is copy-pasted from another online source. They aim to provide meaningful feedback to their audience, so this requires more than just a few words.
  3. Please be patient. Leaving a review on G2 takes anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

How to leave a ScalaHosting review on G2 – Dos and Don’ts

1. If you don’t have a G2 account already, the first step is to create one or use a third-party platform to log in. 

There are 4 options for you to choose from:

  • Create an Account – if your company is a ScalaHosting customer and your business email is, this is the option that gives almost a 100% guarantee that your review will be published.
  • LinkedIn sign-in – if your LinkedIn profile is associated with the company, which is a ScalaHosting customer, this login option is as good as using your business email.
  • Google (Business) sign-in – although this is the easiest option, we don’t recommend it as, in most cases, the G2 Integrity Team is unable to associate a Gmail address with, which is a ScalaHosting customer, and the review gets rejected.

Business Email sign-in – if you already have an account with G2, this is the option you should use to sign in. If you haven’t got one – you will be given the same options to register as with the first “Create and Account” option.

2. Title your review and answer questions about ScalaHosting, such as “What do you like best about ScalaHosting” And “What do you dislike about ScalaHosting?”

  • For G2 to accept your review, you must write original text that cannot be found online. G2 has automated software that detects duplicate content, and if that’s the case – it leads to almost immediate rejection. 
  • If you write your answers with just a few words, your review will be rejected. Three sentences are the minimum, but if you can make it five – it’s even better. Just share what your genuine experience with ScalaHosting is and do it in your own words.

3. Next: About the Product

  • For which purposes do you use ScalaHosting? – just click on the empty field, and you will be given the 3 choices to select from – Managed Hosting, VPS, and WordPress Hosting. Select the service you currently use and move to the next step.
  • What problems is ScalaHosting solving and how is that benefiting you? – this field requires an original 3-5 sentence text that describes your experience with Scala. Needless to say – no copy-paste from other reviews, and don’t be shy about the word count.

4. Next: About You

  • This is probably the most important step, as it can make the difference between an approved or rejected review.

Here is how to do this right in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to your ScalaHosting client area at

Step 2: Make sure your name on your ScalaHosting account matches the G2 reviewer’s name and make a screenshot (Win Key+PrtScn if you are using Windows or Command+Shift+3 for MacOS).

Step 3: Upload the Screenshot to G2

5. Next: About Your Organization

This step is very important since G2 has to relate your review with the company or organization you are associated with:

  • At which organization did you most recently use ScalaHosting? – here, it’s essential to fill in the name of the company or organization that the G2 team will be able to associate with the email you have used to register in their platform. E.g. your email address is, and your organization name is xyz.
  • Are you affiliated with the product you are reviewing or the company that makes it? – just to clarify, if you don’t work for ScalaHosting, the answer here is NO.

How to make sure your G2 review gets approved and published

Use your real email address that can be associated with a company or organizationUse a personal or non-business email
Answer with at least 3-5 sentences that describe your experienceAnswer with a few words just to get quickly to the next step
Write original texts for your review. Don’t worry about typos or imperfections as this might be even further proof of authenticityCopy-paste from other online sources to save you time. G2 has AI software that can easily catch non-original texts or plagiarized reviews

ScalaHosting appreciates every G2 review, and we promise to continue to deliver high-performance web hosting services that only get better with time.

YOU are the real star!

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