Reseller vs Cheap Managed VPS

Should you choose a cpanel reseller hosting plan or a cheap managed vps? It’s not that hard to decide. Just keep reading.

Reseller vs Cheap Managed VPS

The decision can be made very quickly if you can answer the questions below.

What is a cpanel reseller hosting account?

It gives you access to WHM which is the administrative panel of the reseller account and you also get access to cPanel. That is the control panel for your clients or web sites. A single server hosts multiple reseller hosting accounts and you don’t have full access to the server. It’s a shared server managed by your reseller hosting provider. You can create/terminate/modify your accounts via WHM, have your own nameservers but you can’t install custom software on the server nor modify its configuration. That requires root access which is not provided to resellers.

What is a cheap managed vps?

With a cheap managed vps you get the full functionality of a server and you have full root access to manage it and modify its configuration and settings to fit your needs. On a VPS you can change the settings of the MySQL server so that it works and performs best with your software. You can install nginx or other servers to increase the loading speed of your web sites or you can just use it for fun and for learning purposes. In all cases you have much more freedom than with a reseller account but a vps will also cost more. It also requires systems administration skills if management is not provided with it. You can buy management separately from the hosting company you bough the vps from or from a 3rd party support company but in that case the price may become high.

What are you going to use it for?

It is very important what do you intent to do with the web hosting service. If you are looking to host multiple small web sites designed by you and your friends then a cpanel reseller hosting account would be best. It will be cheaper than a vps server and it will be easier to manage. If you are a web designer looking to host your online projects the reseller plan will be a better choice too. Some web designers prefer to have full access and control to their server though and they prefer hosting their web sites on virtual servers. That is usually the case with web design companies which use their own framework which requires custom php modules to be installed to work properly or specific web server’s modules and settings. Shared web hosting providers do not usually install 3rd party modules/plugins on their servers so your only option in that case is a vps.

Advantages of VPS hosting

Except the advantages mentioned above related to the control you get and the fact that you can customize the server and its settings to fit your needs, there are more advantages to consider. For example, a cheap managed vps provides much better security as your accounts will be isolated from the accounts of other customers. In that way, a security breach in another account may not affect the web sites you host. That is a great advantage of vps hosting. Moreover, a vps allows you to have your own mail server IP address. On a shared server when an account is compromised and it starts sending spam the IP is blocked in the anti-spam blacklists. As a result, none of the clients on the server can send e-mail messages. The compromised account needs to be found, blocked and secured. After that the blacklists which blocked the IP address need to be contacted one by one to get the IP unblocked. That process is time consuming and blacklists usually unblock IP’s in 24-48 hours. If the spamming happens multiple times blacklists may not unblock the IP right away causing more frustration and inconvenience. On a VPS that can happen if only one of your web sites gets compromised. If you keep them secure and spamming doesn’t happen you don’t risk your IP to get blocked. If you want to find out if your IP is blocked on any blacklists you can use which is a very useful tool checking the major blacklists used nowadays.

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