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Should I Buy a Domain Name From My Web Hosting Company?

Building a website is an undertaking that can at times feel a little complex. Although it’s seen by visitors as a single entity, there are a number of moving parts that allow the website to function. Two of the most important are the domain name and web hosting plan.

What is a Domain and What is Web Hosting?

Domain names are the human-friendly version of a website address. All websites have IP addresses, which is the unique identification of its location on the Internet. These addresses are numeric strings – which make them a little hard for users to relate to or even remember.

Because of that, we use domain names to simplify the numeric string. As with the original IP  address, each domain name must be unique. An example of a domain name is – which is linked to the IP address

Web hosting on the other hand is the service which helps a website operate. Web hosting service providers offer users resources, applications, and the infrastructure needed to deliver web pages to users around the world.

Although technically websites can be accessed without a domain name, doing so is less favorable for its visitors. Web hosting on the other hand is an absolute necessity. Your choice of web hosting provider can directly impact the performance of your site.

Key Factors to Consider When Making a Decision

Choosing a web hosting provider can be a little more complex than buying other things. Because of the way web hosting is used, you need to look towards a few key areas in your evaluation.


One of the biggest considerations when it comes to purchasing is price. Keep in mind though that where web hosting is concerned, the lowest or even the highest price might not be ideal for you

Web hosting should be approached more from a utility standpoint than through price guidance. After all, paying for features you don’t need on an ongoing basis is simply a waste of your money.


Among all other considerations, support is a big deal in web hosting. Hosting accounts are remote, and on occasion a little more technical than regular stuff. Everyone needs a hand from time to time and having a host you can rely on is simply invaluable.


Many of us who run websites engage with it on a regular basis. We need to do modifications, update content, do housekeeping, and more. Never underestimate the value of convenience.

Security and Quality

Web hosting security is an element that many people end up undervaluing. It will be a mistake to think that all servers are high-end or that they are equally secure. Aside from this, you also need to consider the hosting provider’s attitude towards security and quality.


This is perhaps the singular most important piece of the web hosting puzzle – performance. This is where a lot of other things factor in which we’ve just discussed above. If you look for the cheapest hosting and fail to take quality into account – those cost savings are often sacrificed to performance. Well-configured, high-performance equipment doesn’t come cheap.

Why Should I Buy a Domain Name from ScalaHosting?

The most compelling reason for getting your domain name from ScalaHosting is that it is offered as a free inclusion on almost all web hosting plans. This adds an additional dimension of convenience when managing your domain name and hosting together.

There is a good reason to take advantage of this convenience, and it has a lot to do with the hosting that’s available here as well.

Why Should I Buy Web Hosting from ScalaHosting?

With over two decades in the web hosting business, ScalaHosting has not just remained strong. It is today an industry leader in the market, offering cutting-edge web hosting solutions and has developed progressive solutions to keep it that way.

For example, ScalaHosting has built innovative solutions that offer real value to its users. These range from the highly compatible and convenient SPanel solution to important cybersecurity tools like SShield.

All of these are built with their users in mind – to offer convenience, power, and adaptability in the face of a challenging environment.

Why Regular Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting plans with ScalaHosting are all backed by some of the best elements in web hosting. For strong performance, it offers a potent mix of technologies such as enterprise-grade SSDs.

Of course, the plans themselves are feature packed as well and include everything budding website owners need, be it in convenience or security. Shared hosting plans here all come with the inclusion of a domain name and easy access to free SSL certificates as well, all backed by a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Why VPS Hosting? Managed or Unmanaged?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) accounts are the next logical step up from shared hosting and ScalaHosting VPS is one of the best around – especially since VPS plans with ScalaHosting are all Cloud-based. 

There is also a choice here between Managed and Unmanaged VPS, which gives you more choice. For the techies, Unmanaged VPN with ScalaHosting can give you unprecedented flexibility. Meanwhile if you want to focus on your core business instead, you can go for a Managed VPS plan.

Why WordPress Hosting?

Where WordPress hosting is concerned, ScalaHosting offers something that you won’t find elsewhere, and that’s the SWordPress Manager. Built with users of this popular CMS in mind, SWordPress helps you install and administer WordPress sites with ease.


As you can see, choosing a web host can be a pretty big decision. It can not only affect the experience of your website visitors, but also you, as the site creator and administrator. Do you really want to pay for sub-standard hosting?

Instead of spending frustrating hours struggling with your web hosting, make the right choice early on and opt for one of ScalaHosting’s plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy my domain name from my web host?

A: Buying a domain name from your web host can make it much easier to manage and get support for. If you get your web hosting from ScalaHosting, your domain name will be included for free on most plans.

Q: Why do I need web hosting?

A: Web hosting is the foundation you build your websites on. Without it, your web pages will not be accessible by anyone on the internet. It combines the necessary hardware, software, and infrastructure you need to make this happen.

Q: How much does a domain name cost?

A: Domain name prices can vary greatly between sources. On top of that, pricing also differs depending on which domain name extension you choose. If you get your web hosting from ScalaHosting, the domain name is included in most packages.

Q: Can I host my own website?

A: Yes, technically this is possible. However, doing so means you will need to put together and set up the entire thing by yourself. Home-based web hosting also typically suffers from much more limited bandwidth, and is highly susceptible to multiple points of failure.

Q: Is free web hosting good?

A: Providing web hosting costs a lot of money and nobody really gives it away for free. If you’re not paying for your web hosting, chances are that the provider is still earning off you somehow – either through advertising or selling your data to a third party.

How To Point a Domain Name To a Web Hosting Provider

Should I Buy a Domain Name From My Web Hosting Company?, Frequently Asked Questions

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