Cloud reseller hosting. Is it better?

Cloud reseller hosting. Is it better?

We are asked that question multiple times per day by new customers. The answer to this question depends on many factors – power, speed, reliability, how critical uptime is, how popular web sites you are going to host.

If you are looking to host heavy web sites which require more systems resources to run normally then the cloud reseller hosting plan would be a better choice due to the much more powerful processors used and the much more faster SSD drives.

Speed will be great on any of our reseller hosting plans as we do not overcrowd servers and we do our best to provide an exceptional web hosting experience to our clients but with busier web sites the SSD drives we use on the cloud hosting plans will be a great advantage.

When we talk about reliability then the cloud reseller hosting just wins. If a server in the cloud fails your web sites will remain online running from another server in the cloud farm. We know uptime is critical for every online business and a cloud reseller hosting account will give the extra reliability to sleep well at night and be assured that your online business is safe.

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