Better efficiency with an SSD cloud server

Better efficiency with an SSD cloud serverHave you ever wondered why some websites can be reached constantly whereas others tend to be inaccessible from times to times? Why some pages load faster and others give you the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the same result? Well, it all comes down to web hosting. Web hosting is a service, which publishes a website on the internet and then maintains it technically. It is performed by a web hosting provider. What exactly happens is that you store your content on the very powerful computer (server) of the web hosting company and then the web host makes it accessible to the whole world. It is very similar to the process of uploading an album on your Facebook wall, so that you can share it with your friends. More and more websites are being created and logically the web hosting business is growing as well. Every single day more than one person starts a hosting company. It’s easy to imagine how big the competition is. Every host sets up his own packages and pricing. Most of the providers offer different plans, each of which suits a certain type of website. In the last few years there was a new innovation in the web hosting area – an SSD cloud server. So how is it different from the traditional hosting?

There are mainly 3 types of traditional hosting – shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. The shared hosting can be compared with the life in an apartment building – you will be located on the same physical machine with many other accounts, so you will have to share the resources with all of the other users. This may be very inconvenient, especially if you are running a business website – if one of the other websites on the server gets unusually high levels of traffic, then the other accounts will be left with just a small amount of resources to share. This means that their pages will load much slower and may even become inaccessible. The name of this unfortunate event is the “bad neighbor effect”. Likewise, if one of the other accounts experiences a cyberattack, it is highly likely that your website will be affected as well. And this is why that’s the cheapest hosting solution, but it is still way better than the free hosting services. A virtual private server is a more advanced option than the shared hosting. With this type of hosting, you will be sharing a server with other accounts as well, but they will be less and each of the accounts will rule over his own compartment because of the fact that those compartments are separated through a virtualization layer. This way the bad neighbor effect is avoided. The VPS hosting would give you the opportunity to increase the amount of resources you’re using if your website expands and to modify the software by installing additional applications. It also offers a better security and protection against hackers and spammers than the shared hosting. The third type of traditional hosting is the dedicated server. It’s basically renting a whole server for yourself from the web hosting company. As you can probably assume, this option gives you a lot of freedom – you will be able to expand the amount of resources you’re provided with as much as you like (with VPS there are certain limitations that you need to stand by). Not only will you have the opportunity to adjust the software but with a dedicated server it is possible to modify the hardware as well. The security levels are excellent too. But there are also problems with this type of hosting: for example – hardware failure. If you experience this kind of trouble, you will have to wait for a long time for it to be fixed whereas with the other hosting options the damaged module will be replaced immediately. The prices of a dedicated server might be a problem as well, so when it comes to the decision of a web hosting plan, you should always consider your budget first.

To sum it up, all of those hosting types have their pros and cons. Some of them are less expensive and some of them are more advanced. All of them can run a website, but, of course, there is a difference in the quality of the service. However, there is one more option…

After we shortly explained the traditional hosting solutions, you’re probably wondering which exactly the advantages of the SSD cloud server are. Well, firstly, the cloud hosting shows one significant difference when compared to the other types. With all of the traditional hosting options your website is hosted on only one server whereas with cloud hosting it will be maintained on a big web of servers and this is actually how the so called “cloud” is formed. This web of servers has one huge benefit – if one of the servers suddenly crashes, the website will continue working by using the resources coming from the other servers. Basically, your page will never be inaccessible, which is very important for a business website, because even a minute of inaccessibility can result in a loss of clients and sales. And to the contrary – the constant availability of your page will surely make a great impact on your revenues. With an SSD cloud server you will be able not only to increase the resources you’re provided with but to decrease them as well. This might be a matter of interest to you if your website gets higher amounts of traffic during a particular time of the year, because you will be able to adjust the resources based on your passing needs. You won’t have to worry about security either. Your private information will always be kept save – one of the biggest e-commerce websites – Amazon – is working on a cloud based system as well. Not to mention that the cloud server is very efficient when it comes to tackling with cyberattacks. A good example here are the DDoS attacks. DDoS actually stays for “Disturbed Denial of Service”. In a case of this event, the attacking party aims to overwhelm a server by plying it with requests, so it crashes. When it’s directed towards a cloud server, the requests are spread between all of the servers forming the web, so there’s no significant damage at all. If you decide to go with an SSD cloud server, you will not be stressing over the server’s management either – your provider will be in charge of it all. This means that instead of taking care of updates, configuration, virus protection and backups, you will be able to spend your time on your business and clients. Not only does the managed server spare you a lot of time, but it would not require any programming skills from you at all – you will be able to control your website with ease and flexibility. And you may think that this would cost you a lot. Well, the prices are higher than those of a shared or a virtual private server, but they are very similar to the prices of a dedicated hosting plan. Which is more, you will be able to enjoy much more advantages by choosing an SSD cloud server. Even a big part of the owners of smaller businesses are switching now to a cloud hosting, because it is much more efficient than the other hosting types.

And what is there to know about the SSD technology? Firstly, the abbreviation stays for Solid State Drive. This is the newest innovation in the world of storage devices. The traditional technology – Hard Disk Drive (HDD) spins around its platters in order to write or read data. There’s no such thing with the SDDs – they work completely electronically. And so the speed of the operations with data increases enormously. There was a special measurement invented in order for this speed to be compared – IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second). With the old devices the IOPS reach maximal ca. 200. When using the SSD technology, the IOPS may jump up to 75.000. Well, you don’t need to be a mathematician in order to notice the huge difference. This speed will influence the loading speed of the pages of your website. This is important, because most of the internet users are easily repelled by websites with slowly loading pages. And to the contrary – when a website is significantly fast, it immediately makes a good impression in the customers’ eyes. It is good for you to know that the loading speed is one of Google’s ranking factors. The better the speed – the higher your chances for a place in the top results. By choosing an SSD cloud server, the performance of your website is bound to improve as well. The access to your data and your files will be faster as well. With the traditional hard drives a factor for this process is the fragmentation, which makes the accessing process much slower. The performance would also influence positively your page’s ranking in Google, so if you’re aiming for a better SEO, the SSD cloud server is a must for you. This technology endures much more time than the traditional one, because it’s stationary. And as you know, all of the mechanical devices wear out over time. Not that there weren’t any improvements to the old devices – they have become much more compact and the amount of information they’re able to keep has expanded a lot, but the SSDs are a whole different thing. There’s a measurement called MTbF (Mean Time between Failure), which shows that the SSDs’ longevity exceeds the potentialities of the old devices significantly. Hence you will be able to spare yourself a lot of repairing costs in the future. You might be surprised by the fact that the SSD technology is environmentally-friendly as well. The newer devices use less power and generate less heat. This is important, because whole data centers use this web hosting service and it really makes a difference when compared to the old technology. And lastly, you will never have to worry about data loss. That’s so because of the fact that the SSD would not wear out and cannot be damaged by transportation. This means that there is a minimum chance for you to experience unfortunate data loss. It is very important for a business website owner to keep an eye open for everything, which may endanger his private information, but this problem will definitely be avoided by choosing an SSD cloud server.

All in all, the SSD cloud server will be very advantageous to your website. You will enjoy an efficient web hosting experience and your customers will surely be impressed by the optimal speed and performance of your website. This would be their first evaluation of your company and the better it is – the higher your chances are of gaining new clients. By choosing the SSD technology, you will influence the opinion of your customers positively since it is the latest innovation in the area. Not to mention that you will be in the front row of the huge business competition, because many business owners still haven’t switched to an SSD cloud server because the process of transferring is quite expensive. If you are serious about your business and would want to create a professional and established image of your company, the SSD cloud server would definitely be helpful to you. We have shortly described the main benefits of this hosting option, but as you can surely assume, every hosting provider offers different additional features included in its hosting packages. If you choose scalahosting for your web hosting provider, you will be able to manage your server through an already installed for you cPanel. By using it, you will have the opportunity to easily increase and reduce the amount of resources you’re provided with, as we already explained. You will also receive an excellent protection against spammers with the software SpamExperts Protection. These and many, many others are the privileges of a scalahosting SSD cloud hosting plan. You can always take a look at our offers on the website of scalahosting.

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