Cheap Managed VPS

Cheap Managed VPS

Cheap Managed VPS Hosting. Does it exist?

The VPS hosting has increased its web hosting market presence alot in the last couple of years. It is very easy to have your own virtual server nowadays as it costs less than a dedicated server and you still have the power to customize the OS and install custom software. The issue comes when you want to have your own virtual server but you don’t have the skills to manage it and your budget is tight. In that case you need to look for a cheap managed VPS hosting. You can read more about what a VPS is at

How do we find a reliable cheap managed VPS?

When we pay less it usually means we will receive less. That’s why it is important to do some research before you decide to buy a cheap managed VPS. First of all, you should look what others say about the service of the company you have chosen. You can read reviews about them and based on that take a decision. It is very likely to have a positive experience if the company you have chosen has at least 90% positive reviews. Except reviews, other important factors to consider are the VPS specifications, how long the company has been in business and if you get 24/7 technical support. You don’t want your web site to go down at 3 AM and not to be able to contact anyone to fix it.

We provide one of the best managed VPS hosting plans with cPanel with lots of features such as easy to use client area where you can monitor your VPS CPU/RAM/Disk utilization, start/stop/restart/reload your VPS. Your VPS node is monitored 24/7 by our systems administrators and you have 7 archives of your cheap managed VPS for the last 7 days stored on a remote backup server with RAID storage for maximum redundancy.

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