Which Is the Best Business WordPress Theme?

Recognizable brands like Sony Music and Walt Disney use WordPress for their corporate online portals, showcasing the CMS as a brilliant base for a business website. But what do you need to think about when you’re starting work on your own company’s new site?

With a well-designed WP business template, of course…

There are quite a few things to work out, but one of the first problems is definitely finding a suitable business WordPress theme. In today’s guide, we’ll show you some of the best-looking layouts you can use to create a unique design in tune with your company values.

WordPress for Businesses

In addition to enabling hundreds of thousands of internet users to set up personal blogs, WordPress has allowed many companies to establish their online presence as well. 

The CMS is open-source, so you can easily utilize it for commercial purposes completely free of charge. It’s famously user-friendly, especially for complete beginners, and even if you need help – tutorials and other useful resources are never more than a click away. As a result of this welcoming environment, you can launch a business website without hiring a developer.

In the corporate world, saving money is usually pretty high on the priority list. Still, it’s far from the only reason why so many companies use WordPress for their online projects.

You have probably heard of WordPress’s incredible versatility. Although it’s essentially a blogging platform, the evergrowing ecosystem of themes and add-ons allows it to act as the building platform for every kind of website imaginable.

You can turn a standard WP installation into a fully-featured business website with relative ease, and you can even set up an ecommerce section if you want to sell your company’s products and services.

As wide-ranging as WP’s capabilities are, your potential clients still won’t explore them if you fail to catch their attention the moment they open your website.

This is where your business WordPress theme comes in.

Why Is a Business WordPress Theme So Important?

Your company’s website is its face in the online world. It’s responsible for creating the all-important first impression, and your site design is a vital part of the process.

A good theme must assure users they’ve come to the right place and present the content in a stylish and comprehensive manner.

Ideally, you’ll be looking for a clean, modern design that follows the latest web development trends.

So, which is the best business WordPress theme?

The Best WordPress Themes for Businesses

Different admins have different objectives and, logically – different means of achieving them. As a result, a theme that is suitable for one project won’t work for another. Taking this into account, we put together a selection of themes that are almost certain to make any shortlist.


Divi by Elegant Themes is a responsive multipurpose theme, that is much more comprehensive compared to traditional WordPress options. Instead of a single design that you modify to fit your website, you get hundreds of layout packs, customizable through a built-in visual editor.

You can resize existing elements, add new ones, and implement effects to transform the user experience completely. In addition to all this, there’s a marketplace where you can find child themes, extensions, and layouts.

Price: Elegant Themes sell their entire range of products as a bundle. For just $89, you can get one year’s worth of product updates and premium support. A lifetime subscription is also available for a one-time fee of $249.


Satori Studio advertises Bento as “the ultimate free WordPress theme.” It must be said that they may be onto something.

You can use Bento to create both one-page layouts and complex websites with multiple sections. When it comes to the color scheme, every single element can be endlessly customized, and you can use some of the 500+ vector icons to liven up the design even further.

The tеmplate supports several adjustable page templates and integrates well with the most popular ecommerce plugins. The theme developers promise regular updates, excellent performance, and a search engine-friendly codebase.

Price: Free

The Gem

The Gem by CodexThemes is another multi-purpose WordPress theme. Once again, you can start in seconds using one of over 400 ready-made templates. Quite a few are specifically designed for business websites, and when you take a look at them, you’ll quickly realize they can all be a great foundation to build upon.

It’s a flexible theme, suitable for both traditional and modern designs. The customization options are plentiful. You have more than 30 unique design elements and over 300 pre-made page sections, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind design with ease.

Support for video background and parallax effect can make the website even more interactive, and the compatibility with a wide range of page builders and plugins gives you all the freedom you’ll ever need.

Price: $59


Astra was developed by Brainstorm Force, who recently announced the release of the theme’s third version. If you want to build your design from scratch, Astra gives you quite a few tools, including a brand new drag-and-drop header and footer editor.

Alternatively, you can start by importing a pre-made template designed and developed specifically for the Astra bundle. Even the free options here look professional enough and can be just what you need for your business website. Once imported, you have more than a few options to customize the design and make it your own.

Price: Astra is available as a free theme in WP’s official theme repository, but Brainstorm Force sells a few paid bundles equipped with premium templates and a few extra features. Prices start at $41/year or a $174 one-time fee for a lifetime subscription.


The Kallyas theme was built by Hogash Studio back in 2013 and has made its way to tens of thousands of websites. This popular WordPress theme comes with more than 70 pre-built templates designed for many different projects, including business websites.

Kallyas users can customize their design with a Zion Builder – a proprietary website builder developed by Hogash Studio. You have quite a few options. For example, there are 17 different layouts for the header alone, and you get an advanced image slider as well.

Kallyas also prides itself on the brilliant performance and promises a search engine ranking boost.

Price: $69


OceanWP is a feature-packed, responsive WordPress theme that not only enables you to create a unique design but also guides you through the entire process. According to its website, it’s been downloaded over 3.4 million times, which speaks volumes about the power and versatility of this template.

The theme is famous for its ease of use and customization settings. After you install it, you get a wizard that helps you enter your site identity data, upload a logo, and pick one of the readily available templates. The theme utilizes an additional plugin to set everything up and then lets you customize the default design.

Price: You can use OceanWP and 15 different website demos completely free of charge. For $27, you get access to quite a few premium templates and extensions, as well as support and updates for a year. A lifetime subscription to these extras comes in at $111 for a single website.

Massive Dynamic

Developed by Pixflow, Massive Dynamic is a suitable for business theme with a lot of options. Transforming the look of your website is as easy as dragging, dropping, resizing, and customizing the different design elements.

With a fully customizable header, more than 70 pre-made demos, and multiple different layouts to choose from, you can be sure you’ll create a one-of-a-kind design. Best of all, you’ll do it using a visual builder that lets you transform the website’s appearance without touching a single line of code.

On top of all this, Massive Dynamic promises a clean codebase and improved search engine rankings.

Price: $39


Developed by Webus, Deep is a premium WordPress theme, suitable for any kind of website, especially business websites. You will have access to more than 120 demos and 160 ready-made templates. Every demo here, even the ones that may sound irrelevant for a common website, have been designed professionally. Deep is a visually thought-upon website. Whatever you see has been thought upon to look smooth to the eye. 

Deep is a lightweight, fast and fully responsive WordPress theme that allows you to make any kind of change to it, as it is compatible with Elementor. Therefore, you can change everything in the frontend easily and see the result in the backend as well.

Deep has a reasonable price for a single license. But wait! The awesome thing about it is that with this price, you will get a lifetime license plus all the premium plugins included and 1 year of premium support from Webnus technicians. 

Price: $59

How to Choose the Best WordPress Business Theme

Choosing the design for your website is never easy, regardless of whether you’re launching a blog or a business site. To make things even trickier, there are a few other things you need to think about when picking a new business theme.


It’s not all about appearance. When you’re building a website, you must have certain ideas about how it will function, and you have to ensure your theme is in tune with those goals. Ideally, the template should be easy to operate, with enough customization options to tweak even the finer design elements.


The more complex the theme – the more lines of code it has. If it’s not clean and well-optimized, you could easily see drops in your page load times and overall performance. This is bad not only in terms of user experience but also of your search engine ranking.

Every developer will tell you they’ve done enough to optimize the code for the best possible performance, but it still pays to be a bit more thorough in your research. Check out the user reviews and see what problems existing clients might have experienced with the theme.


Every single expense must be taken into account, and the WordPress business theme is no exception. The free themes on our list show you that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of cash to get the design and functionality you’re after.

Still, premium themes certainly give you more features and flexibility, which is detrimental if you want to make your business website stand out from the competition.

ScalaHosting for WordPress

ScalaHosting has long supported the WordPress project, so you can host pretty much any WP website with us. Our popular WordPress hosting packages are specifically tailored to provide the CMS with the best possible performance at a very reasonable price.

However, if you’re running an entire company, you’ll likely have a few other requirements in addition to a reliable website hosting environment. A ScalaHosting Managed VPS could very well be the solution for you.

You get your own virtual server that can easily host a WordPress site at maximized speeds. We can migrate your existing site for free, and if you’re just starting your project, you’ll be able to do it with the help of SWordPress – our proprietary WordPress installer and manager.

With SWordPress, you can set up a fresh WP installation in seconds and enjoy automatic updates to the CMS core, plugins, and themes. Additionally, you can clone the installation and change the admin password with a couple of mouse clicks.

When you have all your themes and plugins installed, you can enable Secure Lock – a unique feature that locks your site files and prevents anyone from modifying them. 

A reliable email service is crucial for any modern company. ScalaHosting’s Managed VPS solutions let you create as many email inboxes as you want and easily manage them via SPanel – our in-house built control panel specifically designed for VPS admins.

The dedicated IP you get with your VPS is another major advantage for businesses. You won’t share the virtual server with anyone else and won’t need to worry about another user blacklisting the IP.


WordPress is an excellent platform for any business website. It’s completely free, and launching a project with its help doesn’t require advanced technical skills. The enormous community supporting the CMS gives you all the tools and resources you need to create a truly functional website.

However, the project’s success is dependent to a large extent on a beautiful, well-laid-out template. Hopefully, our guide has helped you find a fantastic WordPress business theme for your site.


Do I need to buy a premium theme for my business website?

You can find great-looking free WordPress themes suitable for business websites. If the project’s budget is limited, a free theme can be an appropriate alternative.

A premium theme usually gives you more customization options, however, and developers often include additional support should you hit any technical difficulties. They are more likely to issue updates as well, which makes premium themes a better long-term solution.

Can I develop my own WordPress theme?

Yes, it is possible to either create a new WordPress theme from scratch or customize an existing one. It’s worth noting, however, that building a WP theme requires custom development work. If you have no HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge, you may need to hire a developer.

How important is the WordPress theme for my business website?

Your website’s target audience consists of potential partners and clients. Its purpose is to convince them that doing business with you is a good idea. A great-looking design showcases your professionalism and proves that you care about your company’s image. On the other hand, a website that looks like it’s been designed in a hurry has the exact opposite effect.

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