Clone WordPress with 1 click

The new version of SPanel that will be released later today comes with some cool new features. Among them, we have added WordPress cloning. 
As you may tell by the name, this one will allow you to duplicate any of your WordPress websites to a new address with one click.

See how easy it is to clone a WordPress website in SPanel.

How to Clone a WordPress Website

Apart from the ability to clone WordPress, the new SPanel version comes with the option to set a contact email for important notifications. Such alerts will usually require action from your side for the account to continue operating optimally. Things such as:

  • Security notifications – all websites hosted in SPanel get real-time protection from our proprietary SShield tool. SShield is an innovative security software, which is proven to block 99.998% of web attacks to your website and email. If the tool detects a compromise, you will get an immediate notification on the contact email address you set in SPanel.
  • Disk quota notifications – we constantly watch over your server resources as well. If your website ever starts consuming 90% of the allocated disk space, for example, you will be notified by SPanel to increase the quota before your website stops working.
  • Other important account notifications

Another new feature in SPanel is the option to set a catch-all email address. When enabled, it is used to “catch” online messages that get sent to non-existent inboxes of your domain. You have two options if the system detects such a case:

Reject the email messages

Deliver those messages to an email box of your choice

Scala Hosting is all about evolving, and technology innovations play a big part in achieving that goal. You can expect even more SPanel surprises coming your way really soon.


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