About .ch Domains

SWITCH Information Technology Services is a Swiss foundation that administers the .ch domain. 

In addition to regulating the .ch domains for Domain Registrars, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and hosting companies, they also support critical infrastructure organizations, such as those in the Energy and Healthcare sector.

SWITCH also regulates and administers the .li domain for Liechtenstein, which alongside .ch domains are among the safest in the world.

What is a .ch domain?

A .ch domain is a top-level country code domain (ccTLD) that represents Switzerland. The domain extension (.ch) derives its meaning from Confoederatio Helveticathe Latin name for Switzerland.

While second-level domain names are three letters long, the .ch domain has two letters for Swiss cantons only.   

Who Can Buy a .ch domain?

Anyone who operates a business or wishes to promote one for Swiss citizens can register or buy a .ch domain for a minimum of one year.

Whether you’re a global business or a blogger, the advantages of having a .ch domain are far-reaching. The business economy in Switzerland is prosperous and stable. 

This, combined with political and economic stability, low corporate taxes, and excellent infrastructure, results in a highly competitive economy you can benefit from.

.ch Domain Registration Restrictions

You must adhere to specific guidelines when registering a .ch domain.

  • Characters must be between 3 and 63.
  • Letters (a-z ), numbers (0-9), and hyphens are all appropriate (except in the first or last characters of the registered domain name)
  • You cannot use special characters such as & and # in your domain name.
  • Latin IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are also supported.

Features of the .ch domain

You can buy a .ch domain name for a minimum of one year only.

Domain Renewal

You must renew your .ch domain extension at least 12 days before it expires. If you opted for auto-renew, we’d attempt to do it 12 days before your expiration date.

We’ll send you an email notification once we successfully renew your domain, and we expect that you pay the renewal fee upon restoration.

If we’re unsuccessful, we’ll try again in six days. If this fails, too, you must renew your domain manually at expiration. After this, it enters the redemption phase and attracts a redemption charge of up to $90.

In addition to this, we issue an invoice seven days before the next billing period for our hosting services. There’s also a grace period of seven days after the billing cycle ends, bringing the overall notice period to 14 days. 

To maintain a smooth operation, ensure to fulfil your invoice and renew your domain.

Domain Transfer to Scala Hosting

We support the transfer of .ch domains to Scala Hosting, but the transfer process does not include an additional year.

Ensure that you migrate the domain at least a month before the expiration date not to lose ownership of it. Before migrating, we suggest that you update your domain with your current registrar. However, this is not mandatory.

Name Server Requirements

When hosting a .ch domain with us, you must meet the following name server specifications.

  • You must use authoritative nameservers and a total of two to 50 nameservers.
  • You may use IPv4 or IPv6 for Internet protocols.
  • You cannot use DNSSEC.

Updating your name servers might take up to seven days. At this time, the domain will be locked, and you won’t be able to make any adjustments.

Refunds and Cancellation

Only new clients who cancel an order within the first 30 days of buying a web hosting service are eligible for a refund. Renewals, transfers, and domain registrations, on the other hand, are not refundable.

For more details, please see our money-back guarantee policy.

If you need to cancel, go to your client dashboard and send a cancellation order. Click My Services >> Manage >> Request Cancellation to do so.

We will not accept your cancellation request if you send it to us via email.

Endeavor to place your cancellation requests via your dashboard, as requests can take up to seven days to process. After 30 days, an expired domain enters the redemption phase and can cost up to $90 to restore and renew.

Want to register or transfer a .ch domain? Check for domain availability now.



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