Park a domain registered with Scalahosting

A parked domain is a domain that doesn’t have its own functioning website behind it. It can be useful in many different scenarios. 

Here are a few examples:

  • You’re still building your website, and you don’t want anyone to register its domain before the launch. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you buy the domain and point it to an “Under Construction” page.
  • You have a popular service often impersonated by phishing scammers who use visually similar or commonly mistyped versions of your domain to lure unsuspecting victims. To protect users, you register the likely candidates for phishing domains and point them to the legitimate service.
  • You want to make sure users get to your website even if they’re unsure what your domain is. That’s why you register multiple different versions of your domain name (e.g., if your website is hosted under, you register and point them all to your website.

How you’re going to go about parking a domain depends on the control panel powering your account.

For example, cPanel refers to parked domains as Aliases.

Park a domain registered with Scalahosting

The tool is available on cPanel’s homepage, and if you add domains with it, they will all direct users to your primary website.

Park a domain registered with Scalahosting

As for SPanel users, getting additional domains to point to the main website requires adding them through SPanel’s User Interface and assigning them the same document root folder as your primary domain.

Park a domain registered with Scalahosting

If the domains’ nameservers are set correctly, they will redirect users to your website.

Park a domain registered with Scalahosting

If your site is not ready yet, and you want to set up an “Under Construction” page, point the domain to your hosting account and add it through your control panel. Then, create the “Under Construction” page with your favorite HTML editor and save it as index.html inside the domain’s document root folder.


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