How to Create a Site on a Subdomain

A subdomain is an additional URL that stems from your primary domain name. For example, is a subdomain of To create a website on a subdomain, you need to assign a subdomain in your web hosting control panel.

How to Create a Site on a Subdomain

  • Step 1. Log in to your web hosting control panel and click on the “Subdomains” option.
  • Step 2. Type in the name of your subdomain and select the primary domain to which you want to attach it.
  • Step 3. Specify the root folder for the subdomain and click “Create Subdomain.”

Subdomains can each have unique content and even a separate web application driving it. For example, you may create a static website on your primary domain and have WordPress running on your subdomain.To create a website on the subdomain, you must place its files in the correct location. This location is the one specified during the creation of the subdomain.


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