Tips to Protect your cPanel Hosting Account from Incoming and Outgoing SPAM

anti-spam protection

Most of the email messages being sent on the Internet are SPAM. Businesses found the power of email marketing and started using it by sending millions of emails to gain new customers and increase revenue. There is nothing wrong with email marketing as long as the emails are sent to subscribers who provided their email addresses themselves and agreed to receive those kind of messages. What happens in reality is that companies use bots and web spy machines which would crawl web sites to find emails. Then they save them into a database and start sending them offers for different kind of products. There are many people who are doing it without realizing that is illegal. They don’t know what SPAM is. Basically, that is sending of unsolicited email messages in an attempt to advertise a product. You can learn more about it at

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3 Tips to make your web site load faster

Everyone thinks that the most important thing to make a web site load as fast as possible is the server. That is really not true. Your web site plays a big role too. It doesn’t matter if you use a cheap web hosting plan or the most powerful dedicated server. If your web site’s code is bad then the web site will load slowly. You don’t want your web site to be slow for a couple of reasons. First of all, you will lose visitors because they don’t like to wait. When a page takes more than 3-4 seconds to load most visitors close the page and try to find another one. Another bad result of a slow web site is negative ranking in search engines. Search engines don’t like slow web sites either. Let’s see what we can do to make the web site load quicker.

fast web site

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