ScalaHosting Announced New Cloud VPS Partner – DigitalOcean

ScalaHosting Announced New Cloud VPS Partner - DigitalOcean

ScalaHosting is always looking to expand and improve the entire web hosting industry, and we have another exciting announcement to back up our ambitions. We already support our line of lightning-fast VPS solutions that offer industry-leading security and performance in three locations – in the US (Texas and New York) and Bulgaria (Sofia).

We are now ready to extend this reach with DigitalOcean.

Our partnership with one of the industry-leading cloud providers on the market marks a new era for the Scala VPS platforms.  For our customers, this can only mean two things – more server choices and more datacenter locations.

Table of Contents:

New Servers and Locations

Optimized Hosting Management

New Servers and Locations

In terms of servers, we have chosen five of the best DigitalOcean machines with a proven track record. Choose anything between 2-8 CPU cores, 1-16 GB RAM, 25-320 GB SSD space, and 1-6 TB bandwidth to power any kind of website, big and small. 

It gets even better when we talk datacenter locations. DigitalOcean allows access to any of their 8 facilities, scattered across key worldwide locations. You can set up a server in:

  • New York and San Francisco (US)
  • Toronto (Canada)
  • London (UK)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Bangalore (India)

This geographical positioning is key as you can find a perfect place for optimal connectivity, wherever your business and target audience might be.

Optimized Hosting Management

The new DigitalOcean offers will be available for any user looking to secure a managed cloud VPS deal. Once DO sets up the machine, ScalaHosting adds some extra value with SPanel. The proprietary control panel is our very own take on hosting management and how easy it could be. You can find everything – from email and domain options to secure backups and even advanced DNS controls.

Best of all – SPanel comes added to your account completely free of charge.
We plan this fruitful DigitalOcean partnership to be the first of many as we feel it’s always useful to give customers more choice. ScalaHosting is already in talks of a possible Amazon AWS addition, and if you have another favorite provider in mind – contact us, and we will be happy to give it extra consideration.



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