ScalaHosting and Joomla with a New Partnership and More Client Opportunities

ScalaHosting and Joomla with a New Partnership and More Client Opportunities

One of the pillars of ScalaHosting’s mission is the constant strive for innovations that benefit not only our company but the entire web hosting industry and its growing needs. Our in-house developments like SPanel and SShield continue to make a mark in the industry while the Scala R&D Team continues to look for ways to improve the client experience with the most popular site building apps. 

Just last year, we started an exciting partnership with the developers of the second most used CMS in the world – Joomla. Being a Platinum Joomla Partner was a big deal for Scala, and we put great efforts into optimizing our environment for its smooth running. 

After a successful first year, ScalaHosting and Joomla decided to continue working together and signed a new agreement with the common goal of improving an already great service. 

What is New?

Taking things to the next level, we have planned a ton of Joomla-related improvements to our hosting environment, as well as some exciting activities and events with the app developers:

  • Joint webinars about the latest SPanel and Joomla improvements and how they impact your SEO
  • Planned Joomla integration in SPanel, allowing for one-click installation and other useful features
  • Planned unique solution for busy websites, called Multi Data Center Clustering

ScalaHosting likes to extend a special Thank You to Joomla’s co-founder Brian Teeman, who shares his story of why he moved all his websites to the Scala services.
If you already have a Joomla project or plan to build a new one – check out our Managed Cloud VPS plans for the best possible performance.

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