New SPanel Update – More control, more statistics, more security!

New SPanel Update - More control, more statistics, more security!

We are just a few days into the new year but we already have some exciting news for all ScalaHosting users. Keeping a strong focus on product innovations, our very own hosting management solution, SPanel, gets a flashy update.

SPanel has already made a mark in the industry with its extended functionality, user-friendly architecture, and unique integrations. In tune with the growing customer demands, we have always aimed to improve our in-house products, while keeping them free of licensing fees

Now, right at the beginning of 2022, SPanel kicks things into high gear. The new features encompass almost all parts of the popular control panel and bring plenty of benefits for the new and existing users. 

Here are some of the essential improvements:

  • WHMCS Integration – you can now pair SPanel with the most popular billing and automation platforms for web hosting. Using WHMCS, you can easily create, suspend, unsuspend, and terminate client accounts. You can also upgrade/downgrade services in a matter of a few clicks, giving even novice users the opportunity to become server administrators.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) – as the cybercrime statistics alarmingly stack up, we have to employ every tool that can add more protection to our accounts and websites. Two-factor authentication helps us improve our defenses with one simple trick – adding a second method of verification on top of the standard user/pass methodology. You can now enable/disable Captcha in SPanel in less than a minute.
  • SPanel API – users can now create API tokens that allow them to integrate SPanel with third-party applications. The server admin can effortlessly create such a token and define which SPanel features they want accessible. This enhances the flexibility and management control for our VPS users. 
  • Switch to Gmail for Emails – SPanel adds an extra functionality in the MX records section. From the Mail Route option, you can now easily switch to the Gmail mail services and integrate your online communication with the most popular free email provider. 
  • Admin Interface now shows Advanced Resource Usage – get more insightful statistics about your average CPU/RAM consumption on all VM accounts. Additionally, server admins have an opportunity to monitor all running processes and “kill” them individually or in bulk. 
  • Download Databases from Backups or Restore to a New Database – some of SPanel’s most requested features related to database backups. Our developers have now ensured all users could download databases from backups straight to their local computer. Furthermore, you can now restore your DB archive to a new database, adding to the option of reinstating it into an existing one. 

Our new VPS clients can already take advantage of the new SPanel version and all its perks, while existing users will see the new features roll out in the next few days. 

This is just the first of many exciting updates we have in store for SPanel and our other in-house developed solutions this year. The best is yet to come…



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