The process of adding new servers

We wanted to post some more details about how we add new servers along with pictures so that our clients can see and feel the process. It will also help current and prospective clients become more confident in our services by having a closer eye on our daily work.

Let’s start with two pictures of how the new server looks before it gets added to the cabinet so that the OS can be installed. You can see the server on the pictures along with the power cable and the rails which are used so that the server can be mounted in the cabinet.

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Scala Hosting is growing

We would like to show our customers the process of growing at Scala Hosting and adding more cabinets in our Europe datacenter. The interest for our services in Europe is growing steadily as it is a great choice for customers based in Asia, Africa and Europe of course. We are offering great quality cheap reseller hosting and VPS servers which are the top seller services at Scala. As the interest for Europe based web hosting is increasing we are also considering to build our own datacenter in Europe in the next 2 years.

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Scala Hosting enhances security

Abuse issues and web sites being compromised on daily basis has become “normal” due to the huge amount of free scripts being used. Those scripts are open source and the hackers can download and review their code in an attempt to find a security hole which can be used to compromise web sites and use them for various abuse activities such as sending SPAM, uploading phishing web sites, attacking other networks or just consuming the resources of the account for anything they need. That is why it is very important for clients to keep their web sites secure. If you don’t know how to do that check our article “How can you keep your web sites secure“.

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