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SSD Cloud Servers. Update Completed.

 SSD Cloud Servers Infrastructure Update

We’ve completed the update of our cloud infrastructure which included both software and hardware updates. There were no interruptions for the ssd cloud servers. This is cloud.

ssd cloud servers


With the update we added an additional 256GB RAM and 3.2TB SSD disk space. We added extra computing resources to handle the load and to ensure our ssd cloud servers have enough available systems resources.

The software update of the SSD cloud servers infrastructure

That step included an upgrade of the SSD Cloud servers management software OnApp from version 3.5 to version 4.1. That added additional management features for your SSD cloud server which you can see in your client area.

The hardware update

We added 2 new hypervisors with 128GB RAM each and 4 x 800GB enterprise SSD hard drives. Those servers have dual Intel Xeon processors and each of them has 12 CPU cores.

Final conclusion

Cloud hosting will continue to grow and in a couple of years it will be the type of hosting used by most businesses due to its efficiency. Cloud hosting helps to achieve better uptime and lower costs. The end user pays for what they use while they still have full control like on a dedicated server. Now is the moment to switch to the future hosting model called cloud hosting. We are runnng a 30% discount for new ssd cloud server orders until the 31st of March 2016. If you add the cPanel control panel to it that will make your cloud server fully managed and you will be able to concentrate on your work while your server will be in safe hands. Additional important extras to consider are the 24/7 proactive monitoring feature and the backup services. The 24/7 monitoring will make your server watched non-stop by our senior systems administrators and in case of a problem they will be notified to correct it. The backups will give you a piece of mind that your data is encrypted and stored securely on a remote backup server with reliable RAID storage.

Scala Hosting partners with Weebly


We’ve noticed that many of our web hosting customers are using the Weebly web site builder to build and maintain their web sites. We’ve also received requests from clients to implement Weebly web site builder on our servers. After the web site builder was tested by our systems team we decided to implement it on our shared hosting servers to replace the Rvsitebuilder web site builder.

Weebly has many advantages and it allows you to build a professional web site easily and quickly.

  • Build your web site using drag and drop
  • No extra software required
  • Multiple web site templates
  • Create mobile web sites easily
  • A complete eCommerce solution with shopping cart and checkout
  • Real-time statistics
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • SEO optimized
  • Full HTML/CSS control
  • And many more

You can try Weebly for free with your web hosting plan by clicking on the Weebly icon in cPanel.

Reseller Hosting Upgrades


In the last couple of months, the capacity of hard disks increased alot and that allowed us to offer more space and resources to our customers. We’ve already upgraded the shared hosting plans and now it’s time to do the same for the reseller hosting packages that we offer. Each of the plans will get almost 100% more disk space and all reseller plans except Scala1 will have unlimited bandwidth. We are also extending the money back guarantee period from 30 days to 60 days. The Scala3 and Scala4 plans will now include free ClientExec billing systems.

We will stop offering power reseller hosting plans to make the choice of future clients easier. We were getting many questions about the difference between budget reseller and power reseller. That was confusing customers to make a decision and we decided to offer one type of reseller hosting.

We are in the process of adding more features to our shared and reseller hosting plans such as moving the MySQL data to SSD drives. That will increase performance and web sites will load quicker. MySQL servers are being upgraded at the moment to version 5.6 which has significant performance improvements too. We will be upgrading the VPS plans in the following months. Stay tuned.

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