HTTP/2 support on all servers

HTTP/2 support on all servers

cPanel have introduced support for HTTP/2 some months ago. The protocol can now be used by all web sites using shared hosting services from Scala Hosting. That is the next version of the older HTTP/1 protocol which is now too old and missing features to provide the extra performance web sites require these days. Speed is not the only advantage of the HTTP/2 protocol. It also provided better security. In fact, the major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer and Opera have announced that they would not support the HTTP/2 protocol on web sites which do not have an SSL certificate installed. That makes the use of SSL certificates mandatory for every web site on the Internet. Using an SSL certificate has many advantages and it is highly recommended to have one. It encrypts the connection between the visitor and the server. In that way it avoids man in the middle attacks sniffing the connection in an attempt to steal sensitive personal information such as credit cards or login details for example. On the other hand an SSL certificate gives the visitor confidence that buying goods or services from this web site is safe and secure.

If you are not using your web site to sell goods or services and you don’t store sensitive information then you don’t need to pay for an SSL certificate. You can use a free one from AutoSSL which cPanel added months ago. The owner of the web site doesn’t need to do anything to have an SSL certificate properly installed and configured. cPanel does that automatically. It even renews the certificate automatically before expiration.

The next version of the most used protocol to transmit data on the Internet should be called HTTP/3 but no work has been started on it yet. We are sure that it will start really soon and it will get more features than HTTP/2 to speed up web sites and make the Internet a safe place for everyone.

ScalaHosting Cloud Servers Empowered

ScalaHosting Cloud Servers Empowered

Cloud servers are the most popular type of servers used nowadays. The reasons are really simple. The benefits are too many and there is really no point in using a traditional machine. Cloud hosting gives you alot. You get speed, reliability and redundancy at much lower cost. At the end you have more resources and pay less. ScalaHosting has started moving their servers to the cloud long ago. Many servers use our superior cloud infrastructure and all new customers accounts get activated on servers in the cloud. Our new customers looking for servers and our existing customers who need a server for the extra resources and security choose a cloud server. It allows them to have their web sites loading lightning fast. They can order additional CPU, RAM or disk space whenever they need it and they can remove CPU/RAM when they don’t need it anymore. In that way they always pay what they use and what they need. That flexibility cannot be achieved on a traditional dedicated server. Moreover, a dedicated server is more expensive.

Due to the fact that cloud servers are so popular right now ScalaHosting works on increasing the effectiveness and speed all the time. We have been working for the last couple of months on a new system which will allow our cloud hosting customers to increase the speed of their servers without paying a penny. Our tests showed that the performance will increase by 15-20%. Additionally, we have developed a new cloud servers management plugin allowing customers to have much more control. The new system is faster too. The deployment of a cloud server in the past took about 5-6 minutes. With the new system we can deploy hundreds of cloud servers in 10 seconds.

We will share more information about the new system in the next couple of weeks and all cloud servers customers who get switched to the new system will be able to see it.

ScalaHosting Improving the Knowledgebase

The knowledge base is a very important part of any web hosting company. It helps customers find the answers to their questions themselves. For the web hosting company that means they will have to handle less technical support tickets. The knowledge base should cover the most frequently asked questions related to the web hosting plans and other services the company offers. That can significantly reduce technical support tickets. Additionally, a good knowledge base is great for SEO purposes as long as the company publishes new answers regularly.

ScalaHosting Improving the Knowledgebase

The ScalaHosting knowledge base was really outdated. We haven’t added new answers for months. That’s why we want to fix it. We are going to start adding new answers in it for the most frequently asked questions. We believe that it will help many customers and people on the internet looking to find the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions about web hosting.

What did we do?

ScalaHosting has re-designed its knowledge base and made it look much better and easy to read. We also plan to add more functionality to it so that it is more helpful for people. We will review all existing answers and edit them to make sure they answer the question as best as possible. We will look into adding more screenshots for the articles where specific steps need to be done. By illustrating with screenshots it will be much more easier for the visitor to complete the action. We also plan to add many new articles based on the questions we receive from customers. In that way others will be able to find the answer without contacting us. It is a fact that if someone asked a question then someone else has the same question that needs an answer. Answering it once in the knowledge base saves the visitor and our time. Visit the new knowledge base at

Here are some of recent knowledgebase articles we added which we think will be very useful for ScalaHosting customers in the daily management of their web hosting accounts.

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