What is WHM (Web Host Manager)?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is a site administrative program that enables you to control multiple sites on your server without knowing the commands.

With the WHM, you can access the backend of multiple SPanel accounts from one dashboard.  This makes it easy for you to run a dedicated server without comprehensive knowledge of OS commands.

When you’re managing multiple hosting accounts, WHM gives you a lot more power and versatility. This makes WHM ideal for you, whether you’re reselling hosting services or running a dedicated or virtual private server (VPS). 

Although closely related, the major difference between a Web Host Manager and the SPanel is – Resellers and Private server owners use WHM as their primary control panel because they’re able to manage multiple sites at once. 

Comparably, individual site owners (i.e., end-users) manage only one hosting account via the SPanel.

How Does a Web Host Manager Work?

A Web Host Manager works in several ways. It grants you server administrative access that allows you to dig deeper into various functionalities than the SPanel.

Let’s explore some of these functions below.

Administer Servers

You can track all server activities through the Web Host Manager. The Process Manager, for one, records all running processes on the server, and the Service Manager helps you manage background activities and other services. 

Along with these, you also get to view, monitor, and diagnose other server stats that impact your services and how resources are used. 

Add, Suspend, or Terminate Hosting Packages

WHM lets you create multiple custom SPanel accounts for your clients. 

You’re able to scale your hosting business by :

  • Creating multiple SPanel user accounts.
  • Develop price tiers for associated hosting packages.
  • Terminate or suspend defaulting accounts. 

As the administrator, you can divide disk storage for users of various hosting packages according to the different prices you set.

Restore or Backup Files

You can set up automatic backups for a single account or all of your server’s performances. The data would then be uploaded to a remote storage location, such as Google Drive, WebDAV, or another similar service.

Migrate New Clients

WHM enables you to move client accounts from remote servers quickly. Migrations are straightforward – our technical support team will guide you through the process.

Customize Service to Fit Brand

It is possible to customize the services you offer to fit your brand. Your server can have exclusive styles and customization, even if you are reselling it from Scalahosting. 

You can set your brand logo, SPanel design, and company profile using a web host manager.

Security Management

Your customers expect your hosting company to have everything they need, including providing security – WHM lets you meet that expectation. 

You can secure your user’s accounts and your server at various levels by:

  • Installing SSL certificates on several clients’ websites across your server network. 
  • Blacklisting or whitelisting specific IP addresses, as well as countries and whole regions.
  • Offering clients multi-factor authentication features.
  • Encrypting outbound messages.

In addition to these, WHM allows you to tweak certain functions like adding spam protection features for clients, default login themes, and even notification warnings.

How to Access Web Host Manager?

To access WHM directly, type in the following URLs in your web browser – https://www.sampleaddress.com:2087 or https://www.sampleaddress.com/whm/ – where the sample address is your domain name.

Use https://whm.sampleadress.com in situations where you’re behind a firewall that blocks port 2087.

Fill in the correct login credentials to get access to the Web Host Manager.

When you’re done, please log out, as there might be a slight opportunity for malicious attacks to occur by exploiting that open connection.

Wrap Up

There’s a lot you can do via the Web Host Manager.

 In addition to what we listed above, here are other things you can do :

  • Access DNS zones of all domains.
  • Set up private name servers.
  • Reset or create email addresses and passwords for multiple SPanel accounts and a lot more.

Now you have a better understanding of Web Host Manager and how you can use it for site and server management as a reseller service.



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