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How To Optimize My Web Site?

optimize web site

Have you ever received a notification from your hosting provider that your web site is using too much CPU resources? From one side that is a good and a normal thing as it means your web site is getting more visitors and becomes more popular. From another side you have to pay more money for web hosting because your web site requires more CPU resources to operate and serve all visitors. Both are normal and both are part of the growing process of a web site. If you want to have thousands of visitors on daily basis don’t expect to be able to use a cheap web hosting plan. You will most likely need to switch to cloud server hosting or at least a higher shared hosting plan which allows more CPU resources. Upgrading is the easiest to do but it costs more money. There is one more step you can take before upgrading. You can optimize your web site and decrease the CPU resources it uses when a visitor comes to it. The optimization process includes many steps which may be hard to do if you have never done it before. You may need to get with your web designer to perform them for you although those steps must have been done before your web site has been published.

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What is a Server?


Can you explain to me what is a server? That is the question I get when I tell someone what I do for a living. Other usual questions are related to the size and functions of the server and how does it look. Since many people don’t know what a server is, what it does and why we need servers I have decided to write an article and provide an answer to all of those questions. There must be many people looking for an easy to understand answer without too much technical information. Basically, the server is a computer but there is much more to it. If you want to understand more about it continue reading.

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How to Market Successfully Your Hosting Business

hosting marketing

We live in a digital world and technology develops constantly with business and vice versa. A statement that Scala Hosting makes no difference from.

Not only there is a rising competition within a certain industry but among industries as well. Therefore, successful marketers and pioneers in a certain field such as hosting services have poured the internet with numerous knowledge-sharing and educational articles, blogs, whitepapers, etc. on ways how to successfully market web hosting, reseller hosting and hosting services in general.

Here is some useful advice from Scala Hosting which are relevant not only for our cPanel reseller hosting plans but in general for anybody who is willing to start or is at the very beginning of their hosting business adventure.

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