Cloud VPS or Traditional Server

If your website has outgrown shared hosting, you have most likely looked into other web hosting options. Both cloud hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting are two popular ways to upgrade from shared hosting. But that’s where the interesting solution comes in – you don’t have to choose one hosting method if you don’t want to.

You can use both solutions at the same time: a VPS can be hosted in a cloud environment. However, not all hosting providers have this option. Let’s take a look at the differences between a cloud solution, VPS and a hybrid of two. In the battle between cloud hosting vs. VPS, who’s the winner?

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OnApp Has Been A Nightmare. OnApp Review.

onapp bad support

This is the first time we use our blog to post our experience with one of our ex-vendors that we used to outsource cloud hosting management services. Specifically, this article is about our bad experience with OnApp. I will include as much details as possible in order to be as helpful as possible to any future companies considering to use their services. I want to stress out that I would not write this long OnApp review but the way they treated us made me do it because in todays world such behavior must result in lost customers and lost future clients. Everyone should be aware what to expect by becoming a customer of OnApp. I will explain about the most serious issues because in 4 years we had to open more than 240 technical support tickets due to problems with their software which makes it 5 tickets per month and 1.25 tickets per week. In many of the cases their support staff didn’t know what they were doing and they even caused full data loss for 2 servers. Good that we had backups to restore them.

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Cloud Hosting Popularity Increasing

cloud hosting

No doubt cloud hosting is the type of hosting which has had the highest growth in the last couple of years. All big web hosting companies switched or are in the process of switching to cloud servers and moving away from traditional web hosting. Cloud hosting has got many benefits for the hosting providers and for the end users. For the cloud hosting providers it is cheaper as they can use much more powerful servers and utilize their systems resources to the maximum. At the same time they have to pay less, support less hardware and have lower licensing costs. The expenses for staff are lower too. Moreover, cloud hosting allows companies to achieve higher uptime and provide better quality of service. Finally but not least, cloud hosting is easy to support since providers can quickly provision new services. While a dedicated server installation and setup can take up to an hour, a cloud hosting server can be provisioned in minutes.

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