ScalaHosting Resellers: Getting Started

You can provide web hosting services to people without committing the huge resources and expertise required to operate a functional web hosting company. 

The Scala Hosting Resellers Account makes this painless.

Our white-label reseller hosting services let you customize your hosting packages with your branding at every customer touchpoint, allowing you to build a brand you can call yours.

The Scala Hosting team works behind the scenes to support you, taking care of performances, speed, security, and technical support, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most—delighting your customers and making more money.

We’ve made joining our Reseller pretty straightforward – come, let’s get you started.

How Reseller Web Hosting Service Works

Reseller hosting service runs on a simple business model.

The reseller buys hosting services in bulk from a host that offers reseller services like Scala hosting and then resells in bits to different clients along with support. 

A reseller account comes with a Web Host Manager, which allows resellers to parcel out hosting packages and cPanel, and manage clients. 

Benefits of a Reseller Account

Running a web hosting reseller services comes with some obvious benefits – let’s examine some of them:

  • It enables you to become a web hosting provider without any significant upfront investment.
  • You can run a reseller service from anywhere, even from the comfort of your bedroom, without any physical place of business.
  • Purchasing server spaces in bulk is generally less expensive, and sellers can scale their business quickly as demands grow.
  • The root host handles server maintenance upstream, saving resellers the stress.

Features of Scala Hosting Reseller

Scala Hosting Reseller membership is chock-full with many features, let’s explore some of them.

24/7 Hosting Support

Our reseller members enjoy 24/7 friendly support.

We work with resellers round the clock to enable them to deliver superior experiences to their clients and put in extra effort to ensure they have everything they need to keep their customers happy.

Our support team is friendly, knowledgeable, fast and efficient, and ready to assist with any issue at any time.

Daily Backup

We understand how essential clients place website backups.

But backing up your website regularly may seem quite a task, so we deployed automated processes to back up their domains daily on a remote server and enable them to restore their data any time with just one click.

This safety net ensures our resellers don’t worry about protecting and safeguarding their clients’ critical digital assets.

Bank-Grade Security

In an era of increasing cyberattacks, Scala Hosting has you covered and your clients too.

Data shows that hackers attack every 39 seconds on average, with about 43 percent of cyber attacks targeting small businesses. Each data breach cost averages about $3.9 million for SMBs globally and $116 million for publicly traded companies.

Scala Hosting’s SShield Cybersecurity keeps websites secured and protected, blocking 99.98 percent of web attacks and monitors websites in real-time.

1-Click Installer

We made it easier for people to install any CMS, script, or app of their choice.

Our reseller hosting plans support a 1-click installer, which helps people install free and commercial scripts quickly. They can install WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, other CMS, and more than 100 scripts and apps with a single click.

We also made uninstallation painless.


We offer white-labeling for all reseller plans, enabling you to create a unique brand that can tell your story, delight, and connect customers emotionally.

You can customize your offerings with your logo and brand name, and we can help you configure private nameservers that bear your domain names—like, ns1 and

We designed our reseller services so that your customers will never know you’re a reseller, of course, unless you tell them.

Free CDN 

A CDN helps deliver web content to people more quickly and efficiently based on their geographic location. 

All our reseller hosting packages come with a free CDN that helps resellers and their clients deliver images from over 100 locations, enabling them to enjoy superior load speed and save bandwidth.

Our CDN moves content closer to your clients’ web visitors to reduce latency and encourage fluid browsing experiences.

Unrivaled Uptime 

Downtime is not in our dictionary—we keep our servers running all the time.

Since inception, we’ve been guaranteeing 99.9 percent uptime for all reseller hosting plans. 

We deploy only high-end hardware, the fastest servers, and highly trained system administrators to ensure we never compromise this commitment.

Support Multiple PHP Versions 

PHP is one of the most popular language scripts, with about eight out of every ten websites using it today.

Unsupported PHP versions can limit a website’s functionalities. Therefore, to empower all our resellers to support their clients with the flexibility to build their dream websites, we let all reseller hosting accounts support multiple PHP versions. 

The feature allows you to update the PHP version of any website hosted in your reseller account seamlessly.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee 

Scala Hosting powers over 700,000 websites from 120-plus countries, and we’ve been doing this for over 12 years.

We are all for 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

But if for any reason, you don’t wish to continue your membership, we’ll fully refund you with no questions asked.

Our Reseller Hosting Plans

Scala Hosting offers three reseller hosting plans—Scale 1, Scala 2 and Scala 3, so let’s examine them quickly.

Scala 1

The plan is the Reseller starting up package. 

It allows subscribers to manage up to 20 cPanel accounts and add 20 more for $5 monthly. In addition, the plan gives users 1TB bandwidth and 25 GB storage space for all website files, emails and databases.

The package goes for $12.95 monthly when you pay yearly and $14.95 for monthly subscriptions.

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Scala 2

Scala 2 is Scala Hosting’s second-tier reseller plan.

The Plan lets you manage up to 40 cPanel accounts, and you can add 20 more for $5 monthly. Subscribers also get 50 GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

You’ll pay $22.95 monthly for the yearly subscription or $25.95 if you decide to pay monthly. 

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Scala 3

Scala 3 is the ultimate plan.

It lets members manage up to 60 cPanel accounts,, and they can also get 20 more for $5 monthly. Also, the plan gives you 75 GB of storage space (for all website files, emails, and databases) and unlimited bandwidth.

Scala 3 sells for $34.95 monthly yearly subscription and $38.95 for monthly payments.

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Here are what you’ll get in every plan:

  • 1x CPU power
  • Shared hosting environment
  • Free migration (we’ll migrate all your websites at no cost)
  • Private nameservers
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Free domain reseller account (for registering and transferring domain names)
  • 100 percent white-label
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • SShield security protection

Getting Started

You can start selling hosting services in less than a minute.

If you’re starting, then the Scala 1 plan is the right place to begin. 

You can upgrade to higher plans when using up your allocated disk space or migrate to an SSD cloud server when your business grows beyond the ultimate plan.

If you’ve questions relating to joining our Reseller or need help setting up an account, then reach out to our support for quick assistance.



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