How to Enable SpamAssassin


You’ve all received spam on your personal email address, and you all know how annoying it could be. When unwanted messages flood your business inbox, however, the consequences span far beyond putting you in a bit of a mood for a few minutes.

Malware and phishing attacks could have devastating consequences for online projects, and even though you may think that you can’t be fooled by online scams, a large number of unwanted messages could still result in missed legitimate communication.

Spam is a serious problem that shouldn’t be underestimated. To help our customers filter out their incoming communication a bit better, we integrated SpamAssassin into SPanel, the management system that comes as a part of our managed cloud VPS hosting solutions.


What is SpamAssassin?

SpamAssassin (or Apache SpamAssassin as it’s been known since 2004) has been around for close to two decades now, and it’s widely considered to be one of the most reliable spam filtering systems available today. It analyzes every single incoming email and takes into consideration a number of different factors to determine whether it’s likely to be spam or not.

SpamAssassin first checks whether the sender or the mail server are present in one of the publicly-available spam block lists. It also looks for certain aspects related to the formatting and language of the message that are usually associated with unsolicited emails (e.g., excessive use of all-caps text and grammatical mistakes). All these factors contribute to the message’s SpamAssassin score. The higher the score, the more suspicious the email is.

To ensure that no legitimate communication is lost, SpamAssassin doesn’t automatically delete incoming emails from your Scala Hosting VPS account. Instead, it adds [SPAM] to the subject. That way, you can either manually sort through all the messages while easily spotting the suspicious ones, or you can configure your email client to automatically send them to the Junk folder.


Enabling SpamAssassin in SPanel

SpamAssassin is separately configured for every single SPanel user account. You can turn it on by logging into SPanel’s User Interface and clicking on the SpamAssassin tool available in the Email section. Select the Enable radio button and click Change to apply the changes.



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