How to Terminate an Account?

A VPS has a number of advantages over the traditional hosting solutions. You don’t need to worry about other users on the same server putting too much pressure on the hardware and compromising the performance of your website. You have a virtual machine with all its resources at your project’s disposal. If you need more CPU cores, RAM, or disk space, you can add them in seconds without any downtime, and the virtualization layer means that there’s no single point of failure that could bring your website down.

A VPS is more expensive than a shared host, but you do get guaranteed resources. At the same time, it’s a lot cheaper than a dedicated server, and because of its flexibility, you don’t need to pay for CPU cores, RAM, or disk space you’re not going to use.

Having control over an entire virtual machine might scare some of the less experienced website owners, but they needn’t worry about anything. With our managed VPS solutions, you’ll get access to SPanel, an easy-to-use management platform that gives you full control over your VPS account. Through it, you can monitor your VPS’ health and restart individual services or the entire server, if needed. Crucially, you can also create and manage accounts in order to run multiple separate projects on the same VPS.


Terminating accounts in SPanel

When a project runs its course, you’ll want to remove it from your VPS in order to free up some space for the rest of your (or your customers’) websites. To do that, log into SPanel’s Admin Interface (by default, the login URL is https://[your server name]/spanel/) and click Terminate an Account.

You will see a list of all the accounts on the VPS. If you want to terminate a single account, you can use the Terminate button located next to it. SPanel will warn you that the termination of the account will delete all the data associated with it and that the action is not reversible. You will be asked if you’re sure that you want to terminate the account, and after you click Yes, the process will be initiated.

You can also terminate multiple accounts at once. Instead of clicking the Terminate buttons, you can use the checkboxes located next to the accounts’ usernames to select which accounts you’d like to terminate. Once you’re ready with the selection, you need to click Terminate Selected and confirm that you’d like to have the accounts removed.



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