How to Upload and Extract a ZIP Archive?

ScalaHosting’s shared and managed VPS hosting packages come with our proprietary SPanel management system. It’s there to ensure that you can tweak everything related to your hosting account from one easy-to-use control panel without the need to pay extra licensing fees.

The File Manager is an integral part of ScalaHosting’s SPanel. You might think that its main advantage over a regular FTP client is the ability to manage files and directories through a browser window, but the fact of the matter is, it has a few other convenient features that can be extremely useful in some circumstances.


Uploading and extracting ZIP archives using SPanel’s File Manager

Traditionally, extracting files from ZIP archives while they’re on the server is not as easy as you might think. In fact, in many cases, it requires the installation of additional software on the server. With SPanel’s File Manager, however, it’s a two-click process.

You have two options. You can upload the ZIP archive and extract it later, or you can directly put the unzipped files in the intended directory. Navigate to it and click the Upload button in the bottom right corner. You can select the Upload File option and upload the ZIP archive as a regular file, but if you select Upload ZIP, SPanel’s File Manager will give you a bit more options.

If you pick Just Upload, you will simply drop the ZIP archive in the folder, and you can later unzip its contents by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract. If you choose Upload and Unzip, SPanel will automatically extract all the files from the archive and will place them in the current directory.



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