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What is my IP address?

what is my ip address

What is an IP address?

IP comes from Internet Protocol. An IP address is the address of a device on the Internet. Each device which has an internet connection has an IP address as well. There are two versions of IP addresses at the moment. That is IPv4 and IPv6. They are two because the IPv4 network is almost exhausted and there aren’t enough IP addresses to meet the demand of new devices being connected to the internet on daily basis. That’s why IPv6 was released which contains significantly more IP addresses.

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What is a managed VPS?

Many people don’t switch to a VPS because they don’t know how to manage it. They don’t have Linux systems administration skills and they do not have an idea about terminal access, SSH and shell commands. The number of such people is really high. That is why hosting companies now offer managed vps hosting. That type of hosting allows such people not to worry about the technical stuff and focus on their business. Their hosting company will manage the vps for them. Some companies charge extra for the managed service and others include it in the vps hosting service as a built-in feature. There are so many web hosting companies offering managed vps servers but how can you find the best managed vps? What does the management include? What should you look for? Do you need a control panel with the server? Which control panel do you want to choose? What operating system should you choose? All those questions are important. We will answer them for you below.

ssh terminal

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Beating SPAM and anti-spam protection

Most of the emails sent on the internet are SPAM. More businesses think they can attract customers by sending spam to many thousands of people all over the world. As a result that has become a big business and people get tired wasting time to clean their mail boxes from the spam messages sent to them on daily basis. There are multiple ways to avoid getting spam e-mails or at least decrease the number of such mails delivered to your inbox to a minimum. There are some very important rules to follow.

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