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Get better rank for your WordPress web site

wordpress seo rank

Nowadays the #1 target of every web site is to rank as high as possible in Google. There are several key elements to consider if you want to get to page one of Google. Ideally, that would be in the top 3 results. You must pay attention to the following important steps which will dramatically affect your rank.

  1. The title of each of your WordPress pages
  2. The H1, H2 and H3 tags on your pages
  3. The meta keywords and meta description tags
  4. The content on each of the pages
  5. The WordPress hosting plan you use
  6. The external links to your web site
  7. If there is an SSL certificate installed
  8. Crawl errors such as duplicate content, not working links
  9. New content being regularly posted

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Why Google likes that your website is using HTTPS?


Only a few months ago SEO specialists advised us not to use HTTPS for our websites, because they wouldn’t be ranked well in Google. And just a few years ago, the search engine wouldn’t even index most of the websites with SSL certificate. Now the things are a little different.

Two weeks ago, Google Webmaster tools blog, officially announced that now Google is using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Really great news! Still, for now, it is a very lightweight signal, compared with quality content weight, for example.

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Why nobody likes my Facebook fan page posts?

Everyone wants to be liked. For some of us, the desire is so strong, that is even painful. Brands also want to be liked, recognized, and why not idolized? However, the business does everything with financial motivation, not with personal.

People are satisfied with your product/service – they like you; People enjoy/identify themselves with your brand (cool, luxury, stable, expensive and etc.) – they follow you; People follow you – they recommend you to other potential clients.

We could talk for hours about brands, loyalty, and people’s identification with the brand. But today, our topic is about Facebook and why many businesses can’t get the desired likes and shares of their content.

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