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How to Market Successfully Your Hosting Business

hosting marketing

We live in a digital world and technology develops constantly with business and vice versa. A statement that Scala Hosting makes no difference from.

Not only there is a rising competition within a certain industry but among industries as well. Therefore, successful marketers and pioneers in a certain field such as hosting services have poured the internet with numerous knowledge-sharing and educational articles, blogs, whitepapers, etc. on ways how to successfully market web hosting, reseller hosting and hosting services in general.

Here is some useful advice from Scala Hosting which are relevant not only for our cPanel reseller hosting plans but in general for anybody who is willing to start or is at the very beginning of their hosting business adventure.

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Build Your Successful Ecommerce Website with Magento


There is no doubt that the ecommerce business is increasing all the time. People prefer to buy everything online. All small business owners must have a web site today to stay competitive. The most famous ecommerce solution nowadays is Magento. If you plan to have a successful ecommerce web site then you must choose Magento. With Magento it is very easy to setup an ecommerce web site and make it popular. Magento has lots of features and it can meet the requirements of any business today. There are lots of themes and plugins available which you can use to get your ecommerce web site up and running quickly. Then you can start selling your products and services online 24/7. You just need to choose the right Magento hosting plan of course. Without it your website may not load as fast as you would like and you may lose visitors and sales.

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Get better rank for your WordPress web site

wordpress seo rank

Nowadays the #1 target of every web site is to rank as high as possible in Google. There are several key elements to consider if you want to get to page one of Google. Ideally, that would be in the top 3 results. You must pay attention to the following important steps which will dramatically affect your rank.

  1. The title of each of your WordPress pages
  2. The H1, H2 and H3 tags on your pages
  3. The meta keywords and meta description tags
  4. The content on each of the pages
  5. The WordPress hosting plan you use
  6. The external links to your web site
  7. If there is an SSL certificate installed
  8. Crawl errors such as duplicate content, not working links
  9. New content being regularly posted

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