How can I sell reseller hosting?


So, you’ve been in the web hosting business for a while and you have got some client base bringing you some income. Everyone wants to improve and grow and if you don’t grow and improve your services it will not take long before your web hosting business gets to a stop even if you have the best reseller hosting plan. A reseller hosting account will allow you to sell just shared web hosting however there are many other types of hosting which you could also sell. From one point of view, you will be able to offer your clients more web hosting options and when they need something different they will not have to go to another host. Instead you will be able to do more business with them and keep their money with you. Moreover, offering multiple web hosting plans will make you look better in the eyes of potential web hosting customers. You will be surprised how many people will choose a specific company just because it offers too many services even though those people don’t need them and they would never use them.

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Selling cPanel reseller hosting

Getting into the cpanel reseller hosting market is not easy. Except providing the cPanel/WHM control panel you must be able to offer many more extras and features in order to be competitive and to attract customers. There are some key points that need to be covered in order to be able to compete with the big players on the cpanel reseller hosting market. We will cover them one by one below.

cpanel reseller hosting

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