Improving improving improving

Improving improving improving

Scala Hosting is always working on improvements which will add more value to the services we offer. Recently, we implemented multiple changes which resulted in overall improvement of both our network, backup system and the service as a whole. We added our own network core routing equipment, built a backend network, upgraded backup servers and backup software, upgraded multiple reseller hosting servers to the latest CPU’s and doubled their memory. We doubled memory on VPS servers and the cloud hypervisor nodes which now have 128GB of RAM each.

All cloud servers, VPS servers, shared and reseller hosting servers are using the backend network to perform backups much quicker. At this time our clients are able to restore data themselves at anytime directly from their contron panel cPanel. Soon, they will be able to restore MySQL databases themselves too.

Some weeks ago we implemented a new system which allows shared and reseller hosting clients to order more systems resources for their accounts if they need them. Before that they had to upgrade to higher packages which cost much more than just paying for the extra CPU or memory. Clients do not need to change servers anymore because one of the hosting accounts needs more CPU or memory. The client can order the extra resource and remain on the same server.

Scala Hosting will continue to add more value, features and new services to help clients grow and keep their online business secure and backed up.

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