How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

The comprehensive guide for setting up an online store with WooCommerce. It contains everything you need to know to become a successful WooCommerce store owner.

Developing an online store using WooCommerce (or any other self-hosted ecommerce solution for that matter) can be daunting for the uninitiated. In the pages that follow, you will find:

  • How to install and setup WooCommerce
  • How its features work
  • What are some of its more specific mechanics and calculations
  • Numerous tips and use cases
  • How to use plugins to create a store that fits your business like a glove!

Let’s begin by noting that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. In case you are starting out with your website and need to install WordPress first, please read the chapter “Installing WordPress” from the guide “How to Create a WordPress Website (for Beginners).” Reading through the entire WordPress guide gives you an overview of WordPress and teaches you how to manage the CMS with ease. It equips you with all the required skills required to expand your knowledge into WooCommerce.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Installing WooCommerce

This chapter reveals everything you need to know about setting up WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce installation is the first step in creating a successful online store. As Woo is actually a WordPress plugin, you can install it either through the WP dashboard or through the Storefront theme.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Setting up Your WooCommerce Store

In this chapter, we will take you through the first steps of configuring your WooCommerce online store.

The guide contains detailed information regarding working with the WooCommerce Profiler and utilizing it’s feats. Additionally, you will find more info about your general store settings and your first options when setting up a new page.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Testing With Sample Products

This chapter contains information about the WooCommerce Product Importer. The tool is your best helper if you’re looking to add sample products to your online store.

Learn how to work with the WooCommerce Product Importer and the CSV files with example goods before you’re ready to upload real products to your storefront.

Proper tax calculation is important for any business. WooCommerce provides you with the right tools for the job, but remember that taxes vary from area to area and business to business.

For this reason, it’s best to first consult with an accountant about the specificsMany people who decide to bootstrap a business fail as they choose to incorporate prematurely or get hit with a fine for not complying with taxes and regulations.

This chapter will tell us all about Taxes in WooCommerce – how to properly set them and apply them to the needed orders.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Shipping Methods

Online shops give clients from all over the world the opportunity to purchase goods and get them right on their doorstep. But how does that actually happen?

This chapter will focus on Shipping in WooCommerce. We will learn how to create different shipping methods for your online store, how to add different shipping zones, assign classes, and many more.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Payment Methods

Giving clients as many convenient payment options as possible is a great way to seal the deal and maximize your sales. Whether you want to accept bank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Revolut, cryptocurrency, or any other method – your shop needs to be carefully configured.

This chapter will explain Payment Methods in WooCommerce. We will learn more about the various options and how to set up major payment vendors with Woo.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Product Types

What are the different product types in WooCommerce? Can you sell both physical and downloadable products? What do you need to know about product configuration?

This chapter covers Product Types in WooCommerce and all the various options when adding new products.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Adding Products to WooCommerce

Once you’ve configured the general settings of your online store, it’s time to get to the real work – displaying your goods!

This chapter will teach you about adding products in WooCommerce. What options do we have? How to create a killer product description? What can you do to make your offers stand out? ScalaHosting has all the answers for you.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Removing Products From WooCommerce

Running an online shop is a very dynamic process, and you have to be ready to react to the changing environment.

This chapter helps us remove products from WooCommerce should the need arises. You will also learn more about how to delete various product categories, tags, and images.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Organizing WooCommerce Products

Working with a lot of products, it’s very important that we organize them in a way that visitors will easily find what they’re looking for with the least steps possible.

This chapter will go in-depth about products in WooCommerce – how to sort them with different categories and tags, how to create custom product attributes, and what is the best way to display our items.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Tracking eCommerce Sales

As a shop owner, there are hundreds of things to look out for and processes to oversell. Keeping track of your ecommerce sales is a crucial part of your potential success as it gives you great insights that help you adjust your business model.

This chapter will focus on your sales statistics in WooCommerce – where can we find detailed reports, how to analyze them, and what great tools can also complement our goals?

Everybody loves discount coupons when it comes to online shopping. Getting that desired product at a bargain can not only bring satisfaction but also entice clients to shop even more.

This chapter will clarify all you need to know about activating coupons in WooCommerce. The multifunctional ecommerce platform has coupons integrated by default, and the following guide will show your possible options when creating a new one.

Now that you’ve mastered your products, it’s time to move on to the next step of your WooCommerce journey – Orders.

Knowing your way around client orders is essential for running your business smoothly and is one of the cornerstones to providing a flawless user experience.

This is an essential chapter that will cover Orders in WooCommerce – what we need to know about their setup, how to create manual ones, and what are the essentials when working with this option.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Theme Customization

The design of our website is the first impression for any visitor that lands on your page…you have to make sure it lasts!

This chapter will show you how to turn your WooCommerce storefront into a captivating page that will entice users to shop more. We will learn about the Customizer and all its helpful options for stunning designs.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Essential WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is a wonderful ecommerce add-on out of the box. In fact, the platform has become so popular that it now flaunts its very own plugin ecosystem. WooCommerce plugins are the go-to solutions when it comes to improving the performance and functionalities of your online shop.

The next chapter will take us through the most essential and highest-rated Woo plugins. We will learn what they do, how they can benefit you, and which ones are the most liked, according to existing users.

How to Create an Online Store With WooCommerce

Conclusion and FAQ

We have arrived at the end of our detailed WooCommerce Guide for Starting an Online Shop. We hope we have been helpful and you use the above tips and tricks to bring your project to success.

If you feel you still have questions about WooCommerce, check out the below FAQs or contact the ScalaHosting Team for more assistance.

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