CPanel Reseller Hosting – WHMCS or ClientExec?

CPanel Reseller Hosting - WHMCS or ClientExec?

If you have just ordered your cpanel reseller hosting account then you are almost ready to start selling web hosting. An important part of the selling process and the support process of your clients is the billing system. There are multiple billing systems available nowadays to choose from. At Scala Hosting we offer WHMCS and ClientExec. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, WHMCS costs almost twice as ClientExec but it is probably the most popular billing system used by web hosting companies and most cpanel reseller hosting users. To take the best decision you should test both applications and find out which one best suits your needs.

Both will work and do the job. It is up to a personal preference to choose which of them you would like to use. Even if you think that you made a mistake starting with any of them you can always migrate to the other as they have migration scripts which can be used to migrate your clients from one of the billing system to the other. Based on our experience, our clients mostly use WHMCS and like it more. That doesn’t mean we don’t have clients using ClientExec though. ClientExec is included for free with our Scala3 and Scala4 cpanel reseller hosting plans and that could be a big reason to use ClientExec as you will not have to pay extra money for WHMCS. A big reason to go with WHMCS is that it was bought by cPanel and the integration with it is working very well. We are using WHMCS ourselves and there are tones of free and paid modules for it to extend the functionality to a level you require. Note that you will need at least PHP 5.6 to run the latest version of WHMCS.

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