What is the path?

To find out the location of an application in Linux, you can use the which command followed by the name of the executable. For example, if you want to find the path of WP-CLI, you need to enter:

which wp

The Terminal will return the path (in our example, usr/bin/wp).

What is the path?

Here are the locations of some of the popular applications used by application developers and website administrators:

FFmpeg -> /usr/local/bin/

Mplayer -> /usr/local/bin/

Flvtool2 -> /usr/bin/

Lame -> /usr/local/bin/

Mencoder -> /usr/local/bin/

ImageMagick -> /usr/local/bin/

Curl -> /usr/bin/

Python -> /usr/bin/

Perl -> /usr/bin/


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