What is Managed WordPress?

What if you didn’t have to do the hard stuff that comes with managing a website — the site security, updates, and maintenance?

In this article, we’ll explore managed WordPress and why it might be right for you.

Let’s get started.

Managed WordPress Vs Other Options

To understand managed WordPress, let’s discuss different hosting solutions and how they affect your site.

Shared Hosting

The first one is Shared Hosting. This hosting service is as straightforward as it sounds — shared. If you opt for this plan, you must share and utilize hosting resources with multiple users.

This kind of hosting requires that you share one server with lots of other people. You’ll use a fraction of the machine’s RAM, bandwidth, CPU, and storage. 

Although shared hosting is cheaper than managed hosting in financial cost, you’d sacrifice better site performance and security.  Go for this type of service if you’re on a strict budget or need to cut spending.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Next up is self-managed Cloud VPS hosting. This DIY option is an all-you-can-eat buffet. It lets you pick your resources to build your virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud.

To use this option, you must have some experience with WordPress and web development. However, Scala hosting has made this easier. Scala hosting technical assistants will take care of the technicalities for you, free of charge.

Compared to shared hosting, you can use cloud VPS hosting without worrying about performance.

Managed WordPress

And then, there’s Managed WordPress. This hosting service is for high-traffic blog owners, enterprises, or small to medium-sized businesses. 

These users typically require specialized hosting services because it saves them time, human resources, and most importantly, offers top-notch performance and security.

Various Managed WordPress hosting companies offer several different features. In all cases, the price you pay defines what services you get and how it affects your site.

The more tailored your options are the more expertise required to manage them. Regardless of the price, let’s look at some generic features of managed WordPress hosting below.

Features of Managed WordPress

Let’s look at the features you’d expect in a managed WordPress account. All of these activities will be done for you.

Access to a User-Friendly Dashboard

Regular hosting dashboards may encumber you with many unnecessary software options since they don’t know what you need.

Managed WordPress dashboards, however, are tailored to your site needs. Scala Hosting built the SPanel admin interface with both tech and non-tech-savvy users in mind. 

The SPanel dashboard has a one-click WordPress installer and maintains tight security standards for hosting your WordPress site. It also shows you individual statistics on usage and performance. 

With a clean and intuitive dashboard, you can manage your various WordPress accounts while monitoring important metrics.

Automatic Setup 

With the one-click WordPress installer, you can get your website(s) up and running within seconds.

You can open unlimited websites with a dedicated IP and free domain services on the managed WordPress hosting plan.

Staging Environments 

Staging environments lets you test out plugins and new add-ons before going live on your site. It is great for web developers or site managers.

On a managed WordPress, you can create a perfect replica of your existing site to test out new WordPress themes or modify a code before updating your site’s changes.

Managed Updates and Backups 

It’s not just enough to run updates on your website. Managed WordPress hosting experts keep your software and plugins updated and monitor these updates’ impact through automated tests.


Managed WordPress hosting providers not only support your website but your business growth. When your website gains traction, you’ll need efficient website resources that can cater to that need immediately. 

Managed WordPress can scale fluidly, as long as you’ve configured it to adapt quickly to traffic surge and increase in pageviews.

Benefits of Managed WordPress 

Managed WordPress might make things easier, but is it ideal for your situation? Let’s explore the benefits and limitations of using a managed WordPress. 

Tailor-Made Services

With managed WordPress, your hosting provider puts your need into consideration.  By offering multiple features, like free CDN, SSL, DNS, My SQL, and up to 20GB all-SSD storage, you’re able to focus on your business while the experts handle your website.

Optimal Performance

Managed WordPress websites get automatic updates and daily backups that keep their sites performing optimally.  With a dedicated environment that guarantees high performance,  you are assured of 100 percent uptime on your own VPS server. 


SPanel features like SShield for cybersecurity. The SShield blocks 99.9 percent of all web attacks directed to your website and notifies you in real-time if there is a hack. Pro Spam Protection also protects your website by guarding against junk emails.

Dedicated Support

Managed WordPress users receive dedicated and Premium support before any other standard support request. Since experts manage the website, customer support is more likely to look into your problem immediately than they would for shared or self-hosting users.

Limitations of Managed WordPress

Here’s why managed WordPress may not be a fit for your business.

Less Control

With managed WordPress, you have lesser control over what goes on in your site. Some hosts have stringent rules they follow. For example, they may ban specific plugins because of security or performance reasons. You should only worry about this if you must use these plugins or when there are no alternatives.

Limited to WordPress Sites

Another limitation is the strict specialization that comes with managed WordPress. With this hosting plan, you can only run WordPress-based sites. Despite this, you cannot use all WordPress plugins on it, especially if it hampers speed and performance.

Not for Price-Sensitive Users

At a base price of $9.95 a month for three years, this hosting option is more expensive than the shared hosting plan, hence, unsuitable if you’re on a strict budget. We recommend, however, to factor in the cost of running a website, especially if you see it as a long-term goal, to realize that this is a good option.

Bottom Line

You can get a lot of benefits from managed WordPress hosting. Though this may cost you more money than most, the long-term results are well worth the price. 

In addition to optimal performance, and security, you get preferential treatment when it comes to supporting. If you’re looking to start your WordPress journey, we’re one click away at Scala Hosting.



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