Renewing my SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are valid for specific periods. If you wish to continue SSL coverage for your website, you must renew them before expiry. Most commercial SSL certificates are valid for between one to two years.

Most Certificate Authorities (CAs) can auto-renew your SSL certificate if you provide payment details in advance. If you do not wish to do so, they will generally send renewal notices when your SSL validity is expiring.

Renewal Process

Step 1. Sign in to your CA account.

Step 2. Choose to renew your SSL certificate and complete payment.

Step 3. Download the SSL files.

Step 4. Use the new SSL files to install your renewed certificate.

The installation of renewed SSL certificates is the same as a first-time installation. The process will vary depending on the web server in use.The renewal window for SSL certificates is mostly 90 days – 60 before and 30 after the set expiry date. You must renew your certificate within this time bracket for continued coverage, and some CAs even offer “bonus” validity for early renewal.



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