How to Set a Catch-All Email Address in SPanel?

Although it’s been around for ages now, and despite the fact that it’s more popular than ever, email as a form of communication is severely flawed. There are quite a few problems around the underlying technology that powers emails, but for users, there are a few more obvious issues like, for example, the fact that if the recipient’s address is mistyped, the message might not get across.

The more popular your online project, the greater the chance of someone sending an email to instead of Normally, the message would not be delivered, and the simple typo could lead to missed business opportunities. With ScalaHosting’s SPanel, however, you can set up an inbox that will collect all emails sent to invalid addresses associated with your domain.


Setting a catch-all email address in SPanel

In addition to messages coming from users who have mistyped the prefixes (that’s the part before the @) of email addresses associated with your domain, you could also receive a lot of spam in your catch-all inbox, which is why it’s best to have a dedicated account for receiving all the communication coming to invalid addresses.

To create a new email address, log into SPanel’s User Interface (by default, the login URL is https://[your domain name]/spanel/), and click Email Accounts. Pick a catch-all email address (e.g., and set a password for it. When you’re ready, click Create Email to create the email account.

With your catch-all address ready, you need to go back to SPanel’s home page and click Default Address. A help box at the top explains that all messages sent to invalid addresses associated with your domain will be forwarded to your catch-all email. It also warns you that much of this communication could be spam.

To set the catch-all address, select the correct domain name from the drop-down menu, click the Forward to Email Address radio button, and enter the catch-all address in the field. Click Change Address to complete the process. From now on, all the emails sent to invalid addresses associated with your account will be sent to the catch-all inbox.

Using the same steps, you can change the catch-all email address whenever you like.



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