How to Change an Email Account’s Password

The ability to create email accounts associated with your domain name and use them to communicate with your users is an integral part of your hosting service. It can also be an important factor in the way your online business is perceived by potential partners.

It might not always be the deciding factor, but in general, people are much more likely to do business with organizations that have branded emails rather than the ones who put their official communication through Gmail, for example. Even if you use your website for fun rather than for making money, a branded address will make users confident that their feedback won’t be lost in a sea of personal messages and newsletters.

You need to have total control over your branded email addresses, though, and some people tend to think that managing them is too complicated. This is not really the case.

If you go for one of Scala Hosting’s managed VPS hosting solutions, you will use SPanel, an all-in-one management platform, to control everything related to your email service. This includes creating accounts, deleting them, and changing their passwords.


Changing an email password through SPanel

To change an email account’s password, you need to be logged into SPanel’s User Interface. Go to Email Accounts and scroll down to the list of accounts that you have already created. To the right of each of them, there’s a Change Password button that opens a popup and asks you to choose a new password for the account.

Because emails often transfer sensitive information, the password for each account must be strong. It must be at least eight characters long and should contain at least one letter, one digit, and one special character. 

To ensure that you don’t mistype the new password, you need to re-enter it into the Repeat Password field. For your convenience, you can use the built-in password generator to create a unique, random, and impossible to guess password. A click on the Change button completes the process.



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