How to Access Webmail in cPanel and SPanel?

Webmail is a feature that lets you check your email on any device equipped with a browser. It’s particularly convenient if you need to access your inbox on the move while you’re away from your computer or smartphone. Webmail is available on all ScalaHosting plans, regardless of whether they’re powered by cPanel or SPanel, and we’ll now show you how you can use it to access the inboxes hosted on your account.


As a cPanel user, you have two options for accessing Webmail.

  • Through cPanel’s interface

Log in with your cPanel username and password and go to Email Accounts. You will see a list of all email inboxes associated with your domain. Pick the one you want to check and click the Check Email button next to it. cPanel will automatically redirect you to Webmail and the selected account’s inbox.

  • Through

By establishing an encrypted connection on port 2096, Webmail protects all the information sent and received between the device and the server. Visiting the URL brings up Webmail’s login form, which requests the email address and the password for the inbox you wish to check.


On SPanel VPSs, Webmail is available at Once again, to sign in, you need to provide the login credentials for the email account you’d like to check. If you don’t know the password for any of the inboxes created under your domain, you can reset it from the Email Accounts section in SPanel’s User Interface.


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